Panasonic GS400

by: mavisrueda

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12 May 2005

It’s so difficult to decide what Video Camera I would buy. I’ve been holding it off since 2 years ago as I was hoping that a cheaper yet better option would pop up from manufacturers. Well, Panasonic came out with their "affordable" line of 3 CCD camcorders. On the top of the list is the PV-GS400. Next is the PV-GS250. The real difference between the two (2) is that the former takes better still shots than the latter. Plus the price of course. The GS400 runs to about US$1400 while the GS250 runs for about US$1000. Well, I’ve been researching again and found out the the Panasonic AG-DVC30 is a professional model with better CD than the 2. And it will set me back for US$1800. Why Panasonic? I think Sony is too hyped and high priced. JVC doesn’t really put out excellent cameras. And Panasonic has been one to push the delivery of 3CCD cameras to the masses. The thing with me is that I’m an enthusiast in a sense. I do have a major in Film and Audio Visual Communication and my interest with film, be it moving or still, has never really faded. That is why I’m quite picky about this stuff. Anyway, since I’m in Bahrain, prices quoted above would be much higher here and that is also the reason why I was asking Ricardo to pick one up for me when he goes to the US next month. But that might not be possible for some reason. I already called Panasonic Bahrain and asked them of the availability of the AG-DVC30. I’m expecting a call from them today. Hopefully, the price comes close to the price in the US. Wish me luck. XXX

Work! Work! Work!

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18 Apr 2005
I’m just too busy!!! Been spending the whole of yesterday updating the highlights of the company page for next month. And I’m not finished yet. Although I have someone else to help me out, processing about 600+ images takes a lot of time and strain. Carpal tunnel syndrome alert!!! How I wish Photoshop is smart enough to analyze a photo and choose best compression for that specific photo. You can create an action or a script to open, resize, and save the photo to your desired compression and format but getting the most of compression and for it to actually look good on the web is another thing. You need a human to do this. But let’s see, Photoshop CS2 is on the way. Anyway, I’ve also been trying to update My name now appears on the credited organization box at the WebbyAwards site. Great!

By the way, Mavis and I went to a tailor last Saturday. We were in Seef Mall that morning and got to see some coats that are ready-to-wear. They were of good quality but I thought of going to the tailor so at least the suit I’m going to buy would fit me well. So off we went that night and found a tailor for such near our flat. I tried some ready-to-wear Italian suits but the cut was too long for me. This was maybe because Europeans are taller than Filipinos. So I just asked them to get my size and make me one. This would cost me 100BD. Well, it is more expensive than the ones we saw at the mall but still cheaper than if you have it done in the Philippines, I guess. And the cloth, Italian. Mavis was even suggesting that I have one made every year. Now I have to find out how to use a tie… And I still haven’t told you about the deal that I’m working on. It might be life changing. Will tell you more by next week or maybe after everything pushes through. Decision-making time again…

The Webby Awards

by: mavisrueda

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14 Apr 2005

I just received news that the site I developed ( was nominated at the Webby Awards for the Best Personal Site Category. WOW! To think that the Webby Awards is considered as the most prestigious award honoring excellence in Web design, creativity, usability and functionality, being nominated as one of the best among 4000+ entries is unbelievable.The site was developed for Ricardo Guzman (Mexican – American) as his personal online presence as well as to be part of his application to a Film school in the U.S. I started working on the project late August 2004. He was already trying to complete the designs for each page and section for months but wasn’t too sure of what he wanted to actually show. At first, it was supposed to be a plain HTML site as he was consulting another designer to do it for him since I was to busy with personal stuff. But looking at the designs, I was insistent on developing the site in Flash as I thought that it would really showcase the designs that he did and would attract more visitors to his site rather than a plain static site. So we met one afternoon to discuss the merits of the site and how he envisioned it to be. Eventually, he agreed to do the site in Flash as I explained that we’d be doing one project that is a website and could also be distributed as a stand- alone multimedia presentation as well. I grabbed the sitemap and started planning how to do everything in Flash; loading of movies, dynamic updates, navigation scripts, etc. The basic script was done in about 3-4 days. The next week, I was pushing Rico to finalize the designs as the structure was ready. We spent about 2-3 months doing the whole thing after work. I wonder if Ricardo is going to keep his promise of sending me to New york if he ever wins? Well, we have to see first if the site really wins! So cast your vote at and vote for the site Pirates, Poets and Passion ( under the Personal Category so we could at least win the People’s Voice Award.

KSA on Saturday

by: mavisrueda

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3 Apr 2005

We woke up at 5:45 a.m. yesterday to get ready for our cross country trip to the land of Oil, Saudi Arabia. I was supposed to get government papers from the Directorate of Traffic so I could export my car to Bahrain. For the nth time, we were not able to complete it because the plate wasn’t available in Khobar. I have to go back again next Saturday and go with the Company’s Liason Officer to Dammam where they’re supposed to have it. I hope. And why didn’t we do it yesterday? Well, that’s how the Saudi system works. They spend half of the morning working, close before lunch, and start working again by 4 p.m., only to finish by 7p.m. Or even worse, they set things to process in the morning and in the evening i.e. you can have them process your Visas in the morning but not in the afternoon. Argghhhhh! But knowing how things work, Mavis and I already had plan B. Plan B is basically do the car papers in the morning and if it can’t be completed, we’ll just spend the day with our friends in Dammam and go home in the evening. So that is what we did. Xianelle was able to play with Enzo, I got some ZZZZ’s, and Mavis spent the day chatting. We left Dammam at about 6:30 p.m. and had to run to Panda Stores in Dhahran to buy rock salt. We had been trying to buy rock salt but all the groceries and shops we’ve been to were only selling refined/iodized salt. If we were only in the Philippines…Anyway, we knew Panda Stores were selling Rock Salt by the bag. A 2 kilo bag costs 1.5 Rials (about 20-25 PHP). Why Rock Salt? We’re planning to make Salted Eggs! We saw these ducks’ eggs in the Market which were gigantic! Really! They’re about thrice the size of your ordinary ducks’ egg. We got home to Bahrain at about 10:45 p.m. just in time to catch the WTA Nasdaq 100 finals match of Russian Sharapova and Belgian Clijsters. We were rooting for Sharapova but she eventually lost to Clijsters. Who could beat someone who has legs as big as those? Andre Agassi also lost his match against Roger Federer yesterday. We’re for Agassi but Federer is quite unstoppable. He’s just to quick and runs the court like mad. I would have wanted a Safin-Federer finals as I’m sure Nadal won’t have a chance against Federer. But let’s see, we might see another upset. I doubt. Tired and all, we got to sleeping at 1:00. Mavis and Xiane slept a bit earlier. But all in all, it was a fun and fruitful Saturday.

Start of a Brand New Day!

by: xtian001

In: Personal

28 Mar 2005

It is the start of a brand new day. I have been fascinated with blogging ever since but never really found time to do it (or was I too lazy?). So here I am, trying to psyche myself into blogging, finding time and putting effort to it. I’ve always liked writing so hopefully I’ll find my way back to my roots (hey, I spent 2 years in college with Journalism as my Major). This also reminds me of our 3rd year highschool "diary" but way back then, you only had to use a pen and paper to start. Now everything is being touted as "digital" and "online". Anyway, I’m a Senior Web Designer for a company in Bahrain. My family and I moved here just 2 months ago after 5 years of work in Saudi Arabia. Resigning from my previous company was tough decision to make as it provided stable work and a very good income but sometimes, money doesn’t weigh as much when it comes to family concerns. Although a single bridge separates Saudi and Bahrain, we knew life here would be different. Not to say that living in Saudi is bad (you eventually get used to it) but Bahrain is an "open" country: women can drive, cinemas abound, nightlife is blooming, and people are happier. Thus, the decision to move here was basically about living a more normal life. Although it didn’t hurt that I also liked the idea of joining a Media company and knowing that my career with this company would eventually lead to my other goals. After spending 2 months here, I could say that every risk we took paid off. We are alive and well in the land of Bahrain!

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