Remember my post on Spinneys at The Mall in Qatar? It seems a disgruntled employee (don’t now if he still employed by Spinneys) has some info regarding their supplies. Below is his unedited comment:

im been working in these store for a very long time but to all consumers who been visited in to our store please think twice before you buy.we been receiving a stocks from a supplier even this one is nearly expires. you have no guarantee that our store been running in to the end of time because of wrong or mismanagement. all lebanese (including me) was been collecting a money from a supplier. to recieve their stocks even this one is not in a good condition. all supervisor here are no good breeding or a good educational background..we been think that we are a GOD that we are not been destroyed even our products are not good.

I’m just posting this based on the comment he left from my previous post. It’s up to you to decide the truth in this…

We usually send boxes of goodies and stuff we want to bring home to the Philippines at least 2 months before we go for vacation through sea cargo. Though it takes 30 to 45 days, it is cheaper than air cargo. We don’t send food or too valuable items so they’re not perishable in transit.

As our vacation was on July, we had prepared and sent a box through Coriner Cargo in May and was promised a delivery in the Philippines in 40-45 days. We’ve sent “Balikbayan” boxes with them before and they have been prompt in their delivery and this was no exception as the cargo arrived without any hassle on the specified time.

Our trouble stated when we decided that we had to send another box to the Philippines for all the outgrown clothes, shoes, pans and toys we want to dispose off by giving away to nieces/nephews and charity. This is where North Greenland Cargo or NorthGreenLand Int’l express Cargo comes in the picture. Since the owner of North Greenland Cargo was an acquaintance of Mavis, she decided to give them a try. We calculated that if we send our cargo 2 weeks before our vacation, we would still be there when in arrives after a maximum of 45 days. Again, this was the time given by NorthGreenLand Int’l express Cargo .

Enjoying our vacation in the Philippines, we were only reminded of the cargo a month after, that meant that the cargo was already in transit for more than 40 days. We decided to call North Greenland’s office  in Manila as per their receipt only to find out that they changed their numbers. We had to send a Facebook message to a friend in Qatar to get their number in Manila. Upon calling, we we’re told that the cargo has arrived at least a week before but some documents were missing and would be called again in 3 days for any update. 3 days came and then 3 more but no one called us regarding the cargo. My vacation of 45 days was almost over and the cargo is now more than 50 days with North Greenland. Calling their office again, we were told that there were 3 containers from North Greenland which were stuck in Philippine Customs because they haven’t paid for duties (either in Qatar or Philippines, we don’t know) and they can’t be released. What? So whatever I paid to get my cargo delivered in the Philippines was used for something else and that they didn’t have any available funds to pay duties?

To cut the story short, after several calls and 2 ½ months later, the boxes have been delivered. Moral of the story? Never send anything through North Greenland Cargo, otherwise, there’s a possibility that you won’t see your “balikbayan” boxes or if at all, expect loooong delays. BEWARE OF NOTH GREENLAND CARGO!


North Greenland Cargo Contact numbers:
+974 33668749    Mobile
+974 44326235    Mobile


Closing bank accounts in HSBC Qatar

by: xtian001

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14 Oct 2011

I’ve been trying to close my Status Account with HSBC Qatar since May this year and I’m still not yet done. Why? It seems HSBC has an incompetent staff or they just don’t want to give me back my remaining money in my account.

When I first told the customer rep that I wanted to close my account, I knew that they have to get a credit card clearance which would take at least 30 days. That was ok with me and came back 45 days later hoping that I could close my account. However, I found out that they hadn’t closed and cleared my Internet card yet. Wasn’t this shown on their system when they first applied for my credit card clearance? I was given another 30 days so that Internet card would get cleared. I went on vacation and came back 2 ½ months later hoping that this would be my last trip to HSBC Qatar. It’s a pain trying to get parking there which is one of the reasons I’m trying to end my relationship with them. Anyway, upon giving my account number to the customer rep, with her checking on my account, I was told that I need to get a clearance letter from Commercial Bank of Qatar (CBQ) as I have a Diners card which debits payment from my HSBC account. This is entirely true though I’ve already arranged payment with QNB for this card months back. But even so, I have visited HSBC twice and at both times before I left HSBC, asked the customer reps if I needed anything else to close the account so I can do the legwork if needed, I was told none. Didn’t their system have a default checklist that shows them all related accounts, cards or documents needed to be cleared when closing an account? I did go to CBQ to get a letter from them and would take 4 working days before I can get a 25QR clearance letter. Then I am hoping that once I take the clearance letter to HSBC Qatar, I would be able to close my account and end my banking relationship with them forever!

Pork in Qatar?

by: xtian001

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4 Oct 2011

Rumors of Pork being available in Qatar are running wild again. People have been claiming that it would available at QDC (Qatar Disribution Centre) come December.

There have been several rumors of Pork being made available in Qatar for the past years but none has yet come true. Would this new rumor have some grain of truth in it?

UPDATE (14.10.2011) :
It seems that this is really going to happen as per my info from a source in Qatar Airways, who would be shipping in the Pork…December it seems…

Vice President Jejomar Binay today announced that a female overseas Filipino worker (OFW), who was wrongfully detained at the Qatar Deportation Center, has been released.

Binay said that the OFW, whose name has been withheld by embassy officials in Qatar, was detained last September 4 when a glitch in the police database showed that the OFW had a pending absconding case filed against her by a former employer.

He said that the OFW managed to send word of her situation through text to him. He said he immediately instructed the Philippine Embassy to assist the detained worker.

Embassy officials located the employer, who then informed Qatari immigration officials that the OFW had been cleared of the absconding case and allowed to work for another employer.

The OFW was released after the celebration of the Eid El Fitr holidays.

Binay had met the OFW in Qatar last March during his visit to the country, when the worker sought his help in pursuing the sexual harassment and verbal abuse cases against her former employer. The OFW eventually won the case.

Meanwhile, the National Human Rights Committee of Qatar requested the Ministry of Interior to provide the OFW with a No Objection Certificate (NOC) so that she could find another job while waiting for the labor court to decide on a separate claim for back wages.

The Philippine Embassy also sent a letter of request to the OFW’s former employer to issue an NOC for humanitarian reasons.

Her absconding case was also deleted from Qatar’s Ministry of Interior database.



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