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I don’t really want to say a product or a service is bad until it gives me enough reasons to do so. I’ve been one of Vodafone’s 1st 1000 customers since they launched and after all the disappointments, I think it’s time to give up on their service. I’ve subscribed to their Freedom plans when they launched […]

Hala and Shahry Customers get Cinema Tickets for only QR 20 with New Promotion. Qtel is offering more fun for customers, with its fantastic new “Qtel Movie Time” promotion, which offers special rates on cinema tickets. All Hala, Shahry and Control customers who are resident in Qatar can get a 40 percent discount on any […]

Starting July 28 this year, all mobile and fixed telephone numbers from both Qtel and Vodafone will have eight digits, the Supreme Council of Information and Communication Technology (ictQatar) announced yesterday. IctQatar officials decided to expand the phone numbering system from seven to eight digits to prepare the telecommunications industry early since they projected that […]

Qtel today continued to extend the evolution of BlackBerry in Qatar with the launch of a Hala plan, enabling people to have prepaid Blackberry services for the first time. As part of a special promotion to celebrate this important new launch, Qtel is offering a fantastic low activation fee of just QR100 and free rental […]

Is this Round 1 for the QTEL-Vodafone boxing match? Has Vodafone removed its boxing gloves and resorted to a UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) tactic? It seems that Vodafone is trying to punch its way through getting through subscribers too early in the game.

After the Vodafone event held last weekend, Qtel is criticizing its competitor for indulging in what it said was negative campaigning and attack marketing. It is said that in the said event, there were statements made by Vodafone management which were inappropriate. Also, their trainees sent off their QTEL sim cards with balloons to mark the event titled "Bye Bye Qtel, Hello Vodafone".

There are 2 things that make me wince at this tactic. First, I’m not sure that this is the best way to do your marketing especially at this point in time where Vodafone has yet really shown that it is indeed better than QTEL in terms of services and products being offered. I mean, even for a "1st 1000" customer like me, I really can’t say "Bye Bye Qtel, Hello Vodafone" as I doubt that Vodafone would be my choice of network in the next 3 months or until they prove me wrong. Secondly, and related to the first, I think that a better way to market yourself is with your services and products, which again, Vodafone has yet to really show. If this was done 5 months from now, where one can clearly see the advantage of using Vodafone than Qtel, I would give a nod to Vodafone.

You can always market hard and compete directly against a product. They do this in the US when they pit Coke vs. Pepsi. Eventually, it would be interesting to see QTEL and Vodafone in such fierce competition as it would only produce better service and products from both. In the end, we don’t want to see QTEL or Vodafone winning their match, it should be the consumers who should be king! 

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