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If you’re planning to get a Driver’s License in Qatar, you may have more than 3 months to plan for it. Getting the actual driving lessons is quite different from registering to get the lessons. Once you register, you have to specify what time you would like to take the classes. Usually, since the person […]

For those needing to get a driver’s license in Qatar, here are the fees being charged by the driving schools available. Charges mentioned exclude some fees for the actual testing and the license itself if you do pass. I think for each test, you have to pay QR50. Some driving schools give you 3 chances to pass the test while others give you 4.
Here are the Driving School Fees in Qatar…

Xiane and Lolo Sings A Whole New World
Xiane and Lolo sings A Whole New World

The most anticipated event of the party would be Xianelle and her Lolo’s duet, Aladdin’s A Whole New World. They have been practicing this for weeks! At first Xiane wanted to sing with me as we always do in the car but my guts weren’t as steel as hers so I had to convince her to sing with her Lolo instead.

About Us Update

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3 Jul 2007

At long last, after a year of having this blog, I finally setup an About Us page. It’s been a long time coming! And without Xiane to bother me when working on stuff like this, I’m finally able to complete it. What you get are the basics. I haven’t really thought of what to write […]

I admit that I have been a bad driver this morning. I was honked at twice! The first time, a Karwa honked as I tried to shift lanes. I guess the car was very close behind me that’s why he blew the horn at me. Then the second time was on my way to the […]

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It's been 10 years since the San Juan Family started their blog documenting their lives in this little spot called Qatar. Follow Chris, Mavis and Xianelle as they share what Doha has to offer.

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