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It seems Starlink Qatar is going to try and bring the iPhone in Qatar. Although on the Apple website, Vodafone Qatar is listed as its distributor, they still don’t have any agreement with Apple itself thus they can’t sell the iPhones at a distributor price. Apple has a contract with Vodafone itself but not Vodafone Qatar. Anyway, Starlink Qatar ha sannounced that it is going to bring the iPhone in Qatar. For how much? I don’t know yet. They haven’t announced the prices yet. Hopefully, they’ll be much cheaper than what Vodafone is offering. For sure though, these phones would be unlocked and a year warranty and support would be provided to those buying the iPhone from them. Here’s the rest of the story:

Starlink is bringing the latest iPhones to Qatar at great prices, the retailer has announced.Starlink claims it will be among the first stores in the country to have the iPhone 3GS 32GB and the iPhone 3GS 16GB.The iPhone 3GS 32GB offers a range of functions and features, and the ability to add new applications seamlessly, making it one of the fastest and most advanced Smartphones on the market.The iPhone 3GS 16GB is set to be offered at one of the most competitive prices in Qatar. Both phones come with a one-year warranty and support promise.“By bringing the latest and most powerful models to Qatar, we’re providing a huge range of power-packed features at a price we know our customers will enjoy,” Starlink CEO Alan Sinfeld said.

Qtel has further upgraded its ADSL service, with the launch of two new speed ranges offering faster browsing experience for broadband internet users. Customers now have a wider choice of speed options, with 4Mbps or 8Mbps now available with the service. The higher speeds will enable customers to download films, music and games faster and […]

It has been a very busy day. We woke up early as we were to look for Kangkong or Chinese Water Spinach for our "Sinigang". I’ve been dying to eat some since last week and requested Mavs to cook some over the weekend. Plus, we were expecting friends from my locale in the Philippines as they were sending off some stuff for their families. Luckily, Food Palace had the "Kangkong" and so we didn’t have to go to Lulu Hypermarket. We decided to fetch Maggy early so we were home by 10:00. Mavis started cooking as she was also in a hurry to finish as she had a date with a friend in Villagio. She finished at 12 and hurriedly took a shower, dressed up and left. Bebong came at 12:30 as he was coming from Mesaieed while Mel came 10 minutes later. Lunch was great and we probably spent  a lot of time at the table just talking and discussing stuff.

 After sometime, I showed them some of the "Movies" that Xiane has made. We were all laughing and told them that we could try doing our own. After some minutes of acting, goofing around and playing, we produced our "Spider" movie (I’ll post it here later). We had a blast! Mel left afterwards while Maggy and I formed our 2-man band with the Guitar Hero. Since Bebong had to leave and catch up with his bus to Mesaieed, we (Xianelle, Maggy and I) had to drop him off at the Souq Area. Maggy was up next and Xiane and I were able to meet with MAvis at Villagio afterwards.

Tiring but fun. We haven’t been able to pack things for vacation yet and tomorrow’s morning schedule is packed as well. Oh and I haven’t even told you about our trip to the Souq last night and our dinner with our other friends. Too little time with so many things to do! 

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