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I never thought that I’d be addicted to any console games ever.  When I was a little girl we had the Game and Watch and the Nintendo Family Computer later when I was a bit older.  But unlike my brother I was never really into it.  I would play but just for a little while.  I was never good at any of the games anyway.

I liked playing the DS but just the same I only played my favorite games like the Diner Dash and Cake Mania and that’s it.  But… a big but… since I tried playing Guitar Hero on the Wii, I suddenly became a fan and would desperately want to play every chance I have.  Tian and I played together.  At times he’d be the lead and I’d be the bass and vice-versa.  Naturally, he was the better player but I tried my best to keep up.  It was really engaging even if we were just using the WiiMote.

Tian had been contemplating on buying the Guitar Hero World Tour kit but ever the practical person that he is, he ended up not wanting to buy it since it would cost a lot.  It would have been really cheap to order it online but then the shipping cost is expensive.  But last night, after some egging from me, he decided to buy not just the guitar kit but the Guitar Hero Band Kit complete with guitar, drum set and a mic. 

So after coming from a party, we rushed to Technical Care Center at Mirgab and grabbed the Guitar Hero Band Kit for the Xbox.  We bought the one for the Xbox360 and not the Wii because it has digital sound whereas the Wii is only stereo.  In short, we wanted it to sound more authentic.  We drove home as fast as we could.  I got Xianelle ready for bed while Tian set up the band, then we played until past midnight.  So I guess we’ll be spending more time playing because we are so ready to rock!

Mavis and I, if you’ve been following my Twitter feed, have been busy playing Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock on the Wii. After taking turns playing the Bass and Lead guitars, we managed to complete the co-op more in just 2 days. That was on Easy Level though. Plus, we are only using the […]

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I think the best suggestion we can give Qtel is to not have any caps on Download/upload speed and better bandwidth provision from Qtel.

Qtel today launched a new guide to maximizing Internet speed and performance for home computer users, made available for free on the Qtel Website.

The new guide – called “Qtel’s Guide to a Faster Internet Experience” – is designed to help customers improve the performance of their home computer, and features a range of hints and tips developed by Qtel’s network teams specifically to meet the needs of people in Qatar.


iPhone in UAE


Etisalat officially launched the Apple iPhone 3G in UAE yesterday. When do you think is Vodafone going to sell it here?

Looking at the rates, it is quite expensive! The basic cost of 8GB iPhone is Dh2,646 while 16GB costs Dh3,090 under Postpaid  Plan 1 for one-year contract. You usually get the iPhone with a plan in the US much cheaper than this. Much much cheaper. US$200 for a 8GB and US$300 for a 16Gb for a 2 year contract. Then you can create your own package in terms of calls and text messages and data. Minimum would probably be about US$40 or about QR150 per month of use. Paying QR1100 for a 16Gb iPhone and then QR150/month would be reasonable. But look at the rates Etisalat is charging! Absurd! Do you think Vodafone is going to charge the same here in Qatar once it launches the iPhone?

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