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More free Call of Duty 5: World of War Multiplayer Beta Keys again! Head over to Fileplanet tomorrow (October 21) and they’ll be giving away Multuplayer Beta Keys (see link below). I’ve been playing COD:WW for almost a week now and so far, it’s been ok for me. It’s not too different from COD4 and I think I like COD4 better. I might be going back to COD4 after the Multiplayer Demo ends. Not yet sold into buying COD:WW at the moment.

An update though, Treyarch have raised the level cap to 24 so I got some more perks and guns. In terms of fun with the guns, I think COD4 is better in this aspect. I still hate the dogs especially on Hardcore Team Deathmatch. There are a lot of glitches which I hope they’ll fix esp. in the Roundhouse where one can get underground and be invisible from other players, getting a killing spree. Other than that, I think it was a safe development from Treyarch.

By the way, here the link to the Fileplanet announcement:


I played Call of Duty: World at War Multiplayer Beta last night after more than 4 hours of downloading the almost 900mb file.  Once I got to join a match (Team Deathmatch), the feeling I got was I was playing COD Duty 3 on the Xbox. I’m not too sure if it was how the characters moved or the look of COD:WW. Also, since the guns have changed, it took me some time to adjust and choose what to use. I got creamed the first few hours of playing, getting only 2-5 kills per match while getting killed thrice that number! It was getting frustrating! The maps are quite huge and are like mazes. The standard map would probably be 2 to 3 times the size of a map in COD: 4. Snipers would be almost impossible to find on any map in COD:WW.

Since this was a Demo, Level is capped at 11. So you only get a limited number of guns and perks that you can earn. Aside from the usually perks taken from COD4, there are some other changes that you may or may not find worthwhile. A 5 kill-streak would give you an Artillery strike instead of the Airstrike and a 7 kill-streak would have your troop sending out Attack –erm…Killer Dogs, instead of the Chopper. They will sniff out any enemies on the map. Unlike COD4, attack dogs will find you regardless of where you hide, making it exceedingly difficult to avoid them. Furthermore, killing the attack dogs will only save you temporarily as the hounds will respawn if killed until their time/kill limit has expired. They kill way better than the Chopper as if someone calls a Chopper in COD4, you can always hide and wait till it leaves or have someone hopefully shoot it down! Man, these dogs are f****n’ crazy.  You’ll be cursing those dogs if you’re at the receiving end. I’d probably have Treyarch send out a limited number of Dogs, say 7, instead of having them respawn.

The Second Chance perk is also there on the Demo but I’m not too sure how I would want to revive my ally when I’m in the same predicament as him.

You also could ride tanks and other vehicles on COD:WW (much like COD3) and acquire vehicle perks too. The Tanks are difficult to take down on this one though. I’m not sure where is the best spot to hit them but hitting them directly with a Bazooka twice would not do the trick.

Treyarch also placed back Capture the Flag game mode. The objective of this game is to raid the other team’s base, steal their flag and carry it to your homebase… simple? No, not really. If the other team steals your flag, you can’t capture their flag until your flag is returned and the flags are not displayed on the map if someone has it, this enables you to hide with the enemies’ flag until yours is returned. However, one thing about this is that players get killed a lot of times trying to Capture the Flag and it’ll look bad on your stats.

Anyway, these are my first impressions. I already got level 11 and have improved my kill/death ration a lot since I started. My kill ratio is now higher than my death and would place among the top 3 on my team. I love the Castle Map as it is smaller and hate the Roundhouse and Makin. I’m hoping to play some more tonight and see I’d buy it when it comes out in November. By the way, it’s very seldom that I remove my COD4 disc on my Xbox 360. Played GOW and finished two levels and played Halo 3 but haven’t even gotten out of the jungle yet with that. That’s how good COD4 is. Let’s see if COD:WW can take COD4’s place on the 360.

I got my free Free Call of Duty 5: World of War Multiplayer Beta Keys! Yup, that’s right…KEYS! I was able to register with a French Gaming site yesterday who was supposed to be handing out keys for those who register and I tried my luck by registering some of my emails.

I tried placing one of the key on my Xobx360 but I got an error saying that Xbox Live can not retrieve my profile. I tried placing a 48 hour Xbox Live code as I was hoping that would solve the problem but apparently, it wants you to be a Xbox GOLD Member to be able to play and download the  Call of Duty 5: World of War Multiplayer. I still have my Xbox Live card bought last year from Amazon but since a I hundreds of 48-hour Xbox Live codes, I never needed to open it. I could have continued playing on Live till next year as the free 48-hour Xbox Live codes I have would not expire till the middle of 2009. But I can’t miss out on this one so I used my 1 year Xbox Gold Live card. Then I entered the keys for the Call of Duty 5: World of War Multiplayer Beta and it allowed me to download the Call of duty Demo. I’m still downloading the demo but hopefully would finish tonight so I can play online.

I’m still waiting for EuroGamer to provide some Free Call of Duty 5: World of War Multiplayer Beta Keys as I’m writing this article. Hopefully, I’ll get some more keys! 😉 . If you want to get some Free Call of Duty 5: World of War Multiplayer Beta Keys , head over to and register, wait for them to give out the keys anytime today! Or write some comments below and I’ll see if I can give you one. Make sure you leave your email addy so I can send it to you ok?


Call of Duty: World at War is a first-person shooter video game developed by Treyarch and published by Activision for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, and PlayStation 2. It is the fifth installment in the Call of Duty video game series. The game is scheduled to ship in North America on November 11, 2008, in Europe on November 14, 2008.

The story mode features two campaigns, one featuring the United States Marine Corps battling the Japanese Army in the Pacific, and the other following the Soviet Red Army raiding Berlin.

However, all Call of Duty players are now in a frenzy in securing a  Beta Key for Call of Duty: World at War. Since Treyarch, the developer of the game, had limited only about 200,000 players, the Call of Duty: world at War Beta Keys are much in demand. Of course, those who are willing to 


It was a day to settle who the best “sportsman” is. The last time we played, no one was a clear winner.  This time, we settled that there should be a double round robin tournament for Tennis on the Wii and one for Boxing.

It was agreed that we would meet at 4:30 at the house. Nizam came first and while waiting for the guys, we decided to have some warm up by playing Bowling.  Zaheed was panting as he came up to the flat complaining about the 5 flight of stairs he had to take. Since Srini already told me that he’d be arriving after 10 minutes, we started the Tennis match.

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