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First, my DEAD Xbox 360. Yes, I’ve been in missing in action from online play for he past 2 weeks. I was playing COD:WaW one day and after getting some pixilation from the screen, I rebooted and never did see anything from my box again. Yes, it is just now a box. Xiane calls it “a piece of junk” that we can try to recycle. Brought it to Technical Care Center (TCC) but they weren’t able to do anything. I can still here it boot up but I think the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) itself is busted and apparently, there’s no way to fix that. So there goes my beloved Xbox 360. It might have been the dust that accumulated that did it in. Still, my old original Xbox is still working and we’re using that now. I was trying to find a Jasper Arcade in Virgin but their Arcades are quite old and did not fit the Jasper description from the net. So, I’ll probably hold off buying one for now till Virgin brings a PAL Jasper. Hu hu hu.

I’ve always encountered questions regarding the PAL and NTSC games for the Xbox 360. Basically, if you have a NTSC System (USA), you can aonly play NTSC games. These are games that are published in the US and have a NTSC label on them. If you have a PAL system (UK), you only get to play PAL labeled games. But there’s one thing that some Xbox gamers don’t know. There are actually games which are Region-Free. See my answer to a question about NTSC/PAL games.

However, there are certain games that are supposed to be encoded in 1 region but can be playable in both regions. Example would be a NTSC Halo 3, Gears of War, Call of Duty, Rainbow 6, Guitar Hero etc. Although you buy the games in the US and are labeled as NTSC, you can play them on your PAL Xbox. These are what you call region-free. Again, they might be labeled as NTSC or PAL but playable to both systems.

To check their compatibility, click here to see the compatibility list (Playasia).

Hope that helps.

I never thought that I’d be addicted to any console games ever.  When I was a little girl we had the Game and Watch and the Nintendo Family Computer later when I was a bit older.  But unlike my brother I was never really into it.  I would play but just for a little while.  I was never good at any of the games anyway.

I liked playing the DS but just the same I only played my favorite games like the Diner Dash and Cake Mania and that’s it.  But… a big but… since I tried playing Guitar Hero on the Wii, I suddenly became a fan and would desperately want to play every chance I have.  Tian and I played together.  At times he’d be the lead and I’d be the bass and vice-versa.  Naturally, he was the better player but I tried my best to keep up.  It was really engaging even if we were just using the WiiMote.

Tian had been contemplating on buying the Guitar Hero World Tour kit but ever the practical person that he is, he ended up not wanting to buy it since it would cost a lot.  It would have been really cheap to order it online but then the shipping cost is expensive.  But last night, after some egging from me, he decided to buy not just the guitar kit but the Guitar Hero Band Kit complete with guitar, drum set and a mic. 

So after coming from a party, we rushed to Technical Care Center at Mirgab and grabbed the Guitar Hero Band Kit for the Xbox.  We bought the one for the Xbox360 and not the Wii because it has digital sound whereas the Wii is only stereo.  In short, we wanted it to sound more authentic.  We drove home as fast as we could.  I got Xianelle ready for bed while Tian set up the band, then we played until past midnight.  So I guess we’ll be spending more time playing because we are so ready to rock!

Mavis and I, if you’ve been following my Twitter feed, have been busy playing Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock on the Wii. After taking turns playing the Bass and Lead guitars, we managed to complete the co-op more in just 2 days. That was on Easy Level though. Plus, we are only using the […]

It’s been more than 2 weeks since I first called Qtel to have them add Mosaic TV+ as a service to my current package. Without getting any calls after being promised that they’d call me in 3 days, a reader of the blog has asked his husband to lend me a hand. So with him doing some internal calls, he succeeded in having someone come up to the house on Thursday morning, more than a week ago.

The installers were actually not from Qtel but from a contracted company that installs the set-top box (minimal footprint) and the wireless router, which is quite long. The brand of the router is Vood and the model itself is 453w (More Technical information here). It took them more than 30 minutes to get everything going as at first, there was no signal for the TV service. They were telling me that probably only 50% of those who asks for Mosaic TV+ at the Old Airport do get TV signal. Luckily, after some calls to their base, the router was showing that a signal was being received. I asked them if I could have access to my router settings but was told that they couldn’t give me access as even they don’t know the password to the router settings nor could they even give me WEP security because of this. I did try checking our stuff if they were connecting to the LAN and the Wi-Fi properly and I was able to connect to Xbox Live for my 360, Internet on the Wii, Nintendo DS Online, and Mavis’ laptop. I wasn’t able to check the Archos 605 but I’m sure it wouldn’t have any problems connecting. The most I’ve had difficulty with connecting to any Wi-Fi service was the DS so having been able to connect right away using the Wi-fi installed was a relief. Checking my Torrent port connection, I saw that it was giving me a red icon, meaning that I’m not getting connections from outside as the port was blocked. After some calls to Qtel Service (111) and asking them to open some ports, I was still getting the red icon. Luckily, I was able to find an open port and directed my torrent to that so I’m getting a green icon now.

So that’s it! We have Mosaic TV+ at last! Thanks to Mr. C and his wife! I’ll give you more reviews about the service soon.

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