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Wrote the Qatar Airawys Privilege Club the other day about something that has been bothering me. I’m quite surprised that they did answer me. Still, read the exchange of emails to see what this is all about.

Sent thru their website Contact form on February 25, 2009:
FIRST NAME: Christian
MESSAGE: I was wondering why flying to Hong Kong gets you 25 QPoints (5868 miles) while flying to the Philippines (6792 miles) only gets you 20 Qpoints?

I got an answer the next day (February 26, 2009) from Privilege Club Team:
Dear Mr. San Juan,

Color: Silver
Mileage: 13,300 km.
Date acquired: October 2007
Comprehensive insurance and registration valid until October 2009
Exclusive regular maintainance by Ford
Five year warranty for parts
Other sales condition: assumption of mortgage with Doha Bank (per Doha Bank policy- will be recomputed as used car, payable in 3 years)

For inquiries please call 5129713 between 6:30 and 9:30 p.m. Sundays thru Thursdays and anytime on Fridays and Saturdays.

Note: A couple asked me to place this on the blog as they are looking for a buyer for their car. Do not email me regarding this ad. You have to call the number above.

I was wondering why flying to Hong Kong gets you 25 QPoints (5868 miles) while flying to the Philippines (6792 miles) only gets you 20 Qpoints? Why is it that they get more even if they’re paying less? How am I supposed to even get Burgundy Status if I only travel once a year?


Have you read about Mowasalat’s director of taxis and limousines, Craig William Dalgleish, telling journalists that there are enough cabs and limousines to meet the customer needs in Doha? Has he actually tried booking a Karwa Taxi? I assure you, he has not. For anybody trying to book at least 5 hours in advance, you’d be told that there are no available taxis. Heck, there are no available taxis the whole day and if you want to get a taxi, you have to book it a day before you actually need it. And there’s a hit-miss ratio of probably 80%, meaning you’re lucky if a taxi actually arrives. So  Mr. Craig William Dalgleish, Mowasalat’s Director of Taxis, tell me when your dream becomes a reality and I’ll give praises to you and your company.


Gulf Times
There are enough taxis to meet the needs of customers in Doha, feels Craig William Dalgleish, Mowasalat’s director of taxis and limousines. Dalgleish said this to The Gulf Times…The taxi director said at any given time, the company has at least 1,500 vehicles on the roads. This is besides the number of vehicles being regularly serviced and maintained at the company’s workshop facilities. “Our focus at the moment is to reduce considerably the waiting time of customers asking for taxis,” he said. The official claimed the company had succeeded in reducing the waiting time in the past few months with the installation of more sophisticated equipment at its calling centre and also with the introduction of radio services on more than 100 taxis…



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