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I’m NOT SURE if I’d complain if I’m getting paid a monthly salary without working but some Qatari’s are. They’re complaining that they’re not being given Transportation and Telephone allowances! Logically, if you’re not working, you don’t have an office that you go to everyday nor would you conduct any business calls, right? I guess […]

Arabian Automobile Association (AAA) is a specialized emergency roadside assistance service provider in the region. AAA in Qatar covers our valuable members through out State of Qatar on 24 hours and 365 days. Our members are our strength and to be their trusted partner for entire automobile related tasks we devise various value added features […]

For those who have been following me on Twitter and Facebook, you would have known that I was scheduled to fly back to the Philippines for a short emergency leave. I found out that Qatar Airways made several changes to the Philippine Flight schedules and dependent on the day you are leaving Qatar. For my […]

It is a sad day today at Qatar Academy as staff, students and parents mourn the loss of a Grade 5 student due to a car accident on Friday night. Apparently, his brother was driving the car along with his other friends. There was no clear story on how the accident happened but some of […]

I was told by my Qatar Airways employee friend that they have dropped the prices to their flights in the east. I went online to check the current prices and lo and behold! Cheap prices to the Philippines indeed! For example, an Economy Super Value Plus return ticket on July 30 from Doha going to Manila coming back on August 18 will only set you back for QR 2970 taxes included. I got mine a month ago for QR3700++.

My friend said that it was the Swine Flu scare that brought the prices down. In any case, better start buying those tickets if you intend to fly this month or the next coming months. I just made a quick search for a flight on September and returns on November and the price for the trip, including taxes, is just QR 2570. If you are not yet sure of the exact date of flight, you better get the Economy Standard Value 2 which permits changes to your date of flight. The ticket would cost you QR 2970 but would allow you to freely change you travel dates witihin 6 months.

This is the best time to buy those tickets!!!

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