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The Four Nation Event (Basketball Exhibition Match)
(Qatar, Philippines, USA & Jordan)

Venue: Al Gharrafa Sports Club
Dates: September 11, 12, 13
Time: 8 PM
Ticket Prices (available at the stadium):
Lower Box: QR. 10
V.I.P. Seat: QR. 20

1st DAY – (Sept. 11, 2008 – Thursday)
1st Game: Jordan VS. Team Unity-USA
2nd Game: Qatar VS. Purefoods TJ Giants

2nd DAY – (Sept. 12, 2008 – Friday)

1st Game: Team Unity-USA VS. Qatar
2nd Game: Purefoods TJ Giants VS. Jordan

3rd DAY – (Sept. 13, 2008 – Saturday)
1st Game: Qatar VS. Jordan
2nd Game: Team Unity-USA VS. Purefoods TJ Giants

We went to Al Ghazal Club last Saturday as it was a promise to Xiane that we would practice snorkeling. I bought my own  snorkel to use when we get home hoping that the rain wouldn’t be a killjoy when we go to the Islands of Honda Bay in Palawan. I’ve been trying to teach her how to snorkel in the tub the other week so she’d enjoy swimming with the fishes.

At first, she was hesitant and scared as anyone would be. So I started with her trying the goggles first and holding her breath underwater. When she was more comfortable with it, I asked her to try the snorkel. Practicing in the tub went well although we’ve had some issues with water getting inside the snorkel as it was a bit big for her. That got resolved and now the problem was that the tub was just enough for her to snorkel in place. Thus, we had to try it in a pool to see how she’d do. And she did great! She actually didn’t even want to get up and spent at least 5 minutes snorkeling every time she went down.

Here are photos of our practice session in Al Ghazal Club yesterday. 

The four of us (Nizam, Zaheed, Srini vasand I) agreed to play some table tennis (or ping pong) last week and decided that we’d do it last Tuesday in Al Bayyan Compound.  However, by Monday, Srinivas asked for a rain check since some of his friends came from Dubai and he was supposed to see them on Tuesday. That left the 3 of us to continue.
We got together at 6:30 P.M. and started playing. Mavis was with me so we got to play doubles and then let the Nizam and Zaheed play afterwards. We found out the Zaheed was a Table Tennis Master!

By 8 P.M., we decided to go home as Xiane still had school the next day and had to sleep early but Nizam insisted on treating us to Pizza Hut. So off we went and ordered a large Chicken Super Supreme Pizza and iced tea. After more chit chat, we all decided it was getting late and went home.

The past week was just as  hectic as it could be and too tiring but well worth it. We went to Khalifa Tennis Stadium 3 days straight, from Wednesday to Friday, to watch the girls play some real good tennis at the Qatar Total Open 2008 Tournament. We were lucky to have been able to […]

Qatar Total Open 2008, a top-one tier WTA event, is taking place in Doha, Qatar. Don’t miss out the opportunity to see the WTA girls live in action! Head to Khalifa Stadium!

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