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 It seems somebody heard me when I commented about the Qatar Telecom German Open being held in Germany even though it is sponsored by Qatar as they have canceled the event. However, it seems that Josef Minderjahn, President of the LTTC Rot-Weiss Berlin club hosting the tournament is pissed at Qatar for the move. Well, since they’re already putting down one WTA tournament, why not just have the Qatar Total Open again next year along with the other 2 Tennis events (Men’s Open and Sony Ericsson WTA year-end event).

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We were able to watch the Qatar ExxonMobil Open last Thursday! We were supposed to watch it with Mandy (our friend from Saudi) but he was unable to fly here on Wednesday as he was feeling quite sick. We bought him tickets too but alas, better to watch it at home than to make matters worse.

We got center court tickets for 100QR each. We were able to get some of the last tickets available so we didn’t have that much choice on the seats. Still, they were good and better than paying for a 10QR nosebleed seat. The Court was renovated. Probably up to International standards. However, the seats (20 feet behind the players) we usually get were now relegated to Corporate Sponsors boxes (5 figures per box). They also extended the upper gallery to accommodate more people (better to watch the game on TV than watch it that far). They have a Sky camera and now use Hawk-Eye in matches too! They even have a new on-court commentator which was 200% better than the previous.  All in all, the upgrades were good. Even buying tickets seem a better deal than watching for free and vying to get a seat in court.

We arrived at about 3:30, after eating our Hardees Take-Away in the car. There were not a lot of people when the first game started but they started pouring in after 5 PM. We were able to watch the top seeded players play; Andy Roddick, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer. Andy Murray was also set to play but we decided to go home since Xiane was already sleepy and we knew his match wouldn’t be exciting. The highlight of the day was probably the fall of Nadal against the French Monfils.

Overall, it was good. I was expecting a WTA tournament this February but it seems they scraped that off for the WTA Year-End Sony Ericsson Championships 2009. Oh well.

Did you know that the other countries bidding last year to get the Sony Ericsson Championships were Bangalore, India; Istanbul, Turkey; and Monterrey, Mexico? Also, the event is to be held in Doha till 2010 and was a result of a $42 million agreement? Wow! I do salute those who made this possible and hope they get other tournaments here in Qatar like the Qatar Telecom German Open which is held in Germany (?) in May. Duh? Why in Germany for a Qatar named event? It seems that the Tournament Director for the Qatar Telecom German Open is also Karim Alami, who is the Director here in Doha. Still, his efforts are well appreciated by Tennis Fans in Qatar.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to buy tickets earlier for the WTA Year-End Sony Ericsson Championships on October 27 – November 1, 2009. By the way, it was Andy Murray who won against Roger Federer. Photos to follow…

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer will open the 2009 ATP season by playing at the Qatar Open. Better start buying you tickets now! It seems that a lot of the tickets were already sold and much like last Women’s Tournament, getting free tickets seems to be unlikely. The Tournament is to opem on January 5 with Semifinals said to be on the 9th and 10th. Finals, as with previous tournaments, is likely to be on the Sunday of 11th.

Qatar tennis federation president Nasser al-Kholiafi says Andy Murray and Andy Roddick will also take part in the hard-court tournament.

The tournament in Doha is one of three to start the 2009 tennis season, along with the Brisbane International in Australia, and the Chennai Open in India.


Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer will open the 2009 ATP season by playing at the Qatar Open. Qatar tennis federation president Nasser al-Kholiafi says Andy Murray and Andy Roddick will also take part in the hard-court tournament, which begins Jan. 5. The tournament in Doha is one of three to start the 2009 tennis season, […]

It’s almost here! The Sony Ericsson Championships in Doha is just days away! It starts November 3 and ends on November 9. Have you bought your tickets yet? We saw tickets being sold at Villagio two weeks ago but decided not to buy tickets. Why? Again, as I’ve said before, Maria Sharapova isn’t coming. And if we do decide to watch, I’m sure they’ll be giving away free tickets when you go there. You won’t get the best seats in the house i.e. the lower section, but if you’re just in it for really watching it, the lower box might not have the best seats for watching. That’s just my personal opinion. But if you’re raring to get some photos up close, then those would be the best seats.

Tickets are sold for 10 (upper section), 20 (middle section) and 50 (lower section). Seasonal tickets would cost you 350QR. Still cheap by standards; as other tournaments would have you pay thrice that per day. If you’re really interested, you better get your seasonal tickets instead of hassling around the stadium for tickets once it starts.

By the way, if you want to take a visit to photos of this years’ Qatar Total Open (WTA Event) held in Doha last February. Go to the LifeontheSpot Gallery!

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