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Now about Harry Potter. Xiane didn’t really like Harry Potter when we tried to have her watch it last year. However, she was “forced” to watch the first movie and eventually was seduced to the dark side…hmm, sound like another movie to me. Anyway, since we’ve finished watching the movies, the next step was reading the books. I’ve read the books before and Mavis was able to finish the first 1 I think. Luckily, there was a seller who was selling the first 4 books for the price of 100QR. Mavis and Xiane are now on Goblet of Fire, while I bought and finished “The Half-Blood Prince”. Yesterday, Mavis bought Order of the Phoenix which I intend to read again after finishing “The Hobbit” (5-6th time reading it). Yup, Xiane is reading the books by herself. We know that it’s a difficult read and I’m sure she doesn’t understand half of what she’s reading. But we’ve been guiding her on things that she doesn’t understand and surprisingly, when we discuss about what she’s reading, she seems to understand and follow the story better than what we expect from her age. Good thing is that she doesn’t even really play with the DS right now but just keeps reading.

First, my DEAD Xbox 360. Yes, I’ve been in missing in action from online play for he past 2 weeks. I was playing COD:WaW one day and after getting some pixilation from the screen, I rebooted and never did see anything from my box again. Yes, it is just now a box. Xiane calls it “a piece of junk” that we can try to recycle. Brought it to Technical Care Center (TCC) but they weren’t able to do anything. I can still here it boot up but I think the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) itself is busted and apparently, there’s no way to fix that. So there goes my beloved Xbox 360. It might have been the dust that accumulated that did it in. Still, my old original Xbox is still working and we’re using that now. I was trying to find a Jasper Arcade in Virgin but their Arcades are quite old and did not fit the Jasper description from the net. So, I’ll probably hold off buying one for now till Virgin brings a PAL Jasper. Hu hu hu.

Good customer service is hard to come by today, especially in Qatar. But somehow, the Sony Service Center in Salwa Road gave me hope that it still exists in this country.

Remember the Sony Ericsson phone I bought last month to use for my Vodaphone Sim card? It’s now been with the Sony Service Center for more than a week since it kept discharging no matter how I charge it to its full capacity. I probably got to use it for 4 days and tried the next couple of weeks trying to charge it.

As with all electronic batteries, I was aware that to get full capacity of a new battery, one has to get at least 3-4 recharging cycles. Using and recharging the phone on the first day I got it, it gave me around 15-18 hours of standby-time before it ran out of juice. I recharged it again and more or less, got the same hours I got the other day. On the 3rd day, upon waking up, I noticed that the phone was turned off and I had to remove the battery and place it back before it turned on. For the next few days, it kept giving me the same hours of 12-15 hours or even less (4-8) hours before it shut down. It just became useless for me to carry 2 phones with one that doesn’t work and turns off by itself.

I took the phone to the Sony Service Center last week to have it checked. They called me 2 days after and told me that the phone had water in it. I was surprised and immediately asked how that was possible when I never placed it anywhere a water source nor dropped it in water. I went to the Sony Service center yesterday and was able to talk to the technician. Joey showed me where the water was supposed to have damaged the phone and told me that it was not covered by warranty. I tried to put it in perspective and asked it is was possible that such damage could have been made prior to me owning the unit as I never got water into it. As a technician, I do understand his side. All he could tell me was that it was damaged by water. If it was me who’ve done it nor if it was something that was there before I bought the unit, he can’t really say. Even before going to the service center, I already half-heartedly accepted that they wouldn’t cover it in warranty as who was to say that I wasn’t lying or how am I to prove that I never did get it wet at all. By the end of our discussion, Joey told me that that only thing he could do was to escalate it to his superiors in Dubai.  I even told Mavis that there was no way they’d cover it in warranty as I can’t prove that I never did got it wet and half-accepted that I might have wasted my 160+ rials.

This morning, I saw the technician’s email to a certain Mr. Jamal Taleb regarding the unit in question. Mr. Jamal Taleb, I found out later, is a Service Account Manager (SAM) for Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications International, Middle East and North Africa. I also emailed him and related that if I knew that it was my fault that it got water, then I’d readily accept and not waste my time emailing him nor going back and forth to the service center for the phone. As I wrote;

“It is a "cheap" phone for 160QR and I could at least afford to buy another phone for more. But I am not one to just admit it was my fault nor carelessness when I don’t think I caused the damage at all.

After some hours, I got a response from Mr. Taleb telling me that they’d try to solve the problem with the phone. It was actually unexpected for him to say that they’d try to fix it as I was quite sure that I’d be told that the damage was really not covered by warranty. However, getting a response from him was enough to at least make me feel good. To know that Managers like him still exists and the customer service is still important to some companies. I even got a call from him afterwards and told him I appreciate his response. I did email him again:

Thank you for your immediate response. Your response alone is much appreciated as good customer service is hard to come by nowadays.

I leave it up to your good office to decide on any action. Again, I do understand that no one maybe able to really give an answer on who or where the damage to the phone started but as the last one to hold and use the phone, it is understandable for the company or Service technician to put the blame on the last user of the item. Thus, my paragraph in the end of my previous email. I have no ill feelings for the way the technician handled the case as I wouldn’t have handled it any way. I even appreciate that such "small" case has been elevated to your attention by the technician.

Joey called me up and told me they’d try to fix the phone. Great! As a consumer, it is without doubt that such action by Sony Ericsson is appreciated. Honestly, being in a predicament of getting a “lemon” (term used when getting a product that already has a defect on it) from Sony –Ericsson made me think twice about getting another product from them because of warranty issues. But now, they proved that they do listen to their customers and customers are important. Would it still be the same reaction if they told me that my phone would not be covered by warranty? Yes. Often times, consumers get neglected and not even an acknowledgement email is sent. Mr. Taleb’s email alone is enough for me to know that they do listen.

It is here! After waiting for 2 months for Nintendo to release a US version of the Nintendo DSi, Xianelle finally got her hands on her DSi. She has now been tweaking her and her moms’ photos for 20 minutes, making clowns, adding hearts and stamps, distorting and just playing with the photos. She also spent time recording her voice and playing with it. She hasn’t even really played with the games yet!

I think the new Nintendo DSi is a great upgrade. The 2 cameras are ok but don’t expect to get a printable photo from a .3 MP camera. Yeah, that’s lousy for standard photos but good enough for DSi users to spend hours playing with their photos. Sound is much louder than the previous DS Lite. Screen is .5 inches bigger though I can’t really see any difference in the color and sharpness of the new screen and the DS Lite. Other major differences would be the Matte Casing instead of the glossy one. I haven’t tried the Web browser yet but would try it later.

And you know what’s good about having the new DSi? A special gamecard is already available that lets you play your favorite and new Nintendo DS Roms! And with a 4Gb microSD card, you can already place more than 80 games; from the ever favorite Mario Kart to the just released Pokemon Platinum.

I’m not sure if stores in Doha already have the US Version of the DSi. Last I checked, TCC has a Japanese version which they are selling at about QR1200. I’m expecting that they’ll be selling the US DSi at about the same price or probably a hundred lower.  I also don’t think that they’ll lower the price of the DS Lite anytime soon. It might still remain at 650QR as we don’t see any price cuts in the US.
Anyway, I’ll try to get my hands on the DSi later tonight when Xiane is already sleeping and try out the thing, especially the browser. Would keep you updated.

SOLD after 30 minutes of posting

Price: 350 QR/ SOLD!!!
Contact number: 5883915

New and Unused!!!

350QR Only
See photos to see the whole set!
No Haggling

Estee Lauder Blockbuster 2008
* 15 Pure Color and Signature Eyeshadows in a dark red palette
* 2 Silky Blush/1 Bronzer in a dark red palette
* 3 Lipsticks, 2 Lip Gloss, 1 Magnascopic Mascara
* 1 Artist Pencil, 4 Professional Brushes and Gentle Eye Remover
* 1 Black Faux Alligator Cosmetic Case and Train Case

(EYESHADOWS: Vanilla, Camouflage, Mink, Ginger Drop, Cinnamon, Ivory Box, Sand Box, Honey Drop, Roseberry Duo (Berry), Amethyst, Mocha Cup, Roseberry Duo (Rose), Bronze Cube, Palemoon, and Sugar Cube.*** BLUSH/BRONZER: Bronze Goddess Bronzer and 2 Signature Silky Powder Blushes in the colors Nude Rose and Pink Kiss. ***LIPSTICKS: 2 Pure Color Long Lasting Lipsticks in Bois De Rose/Sugar Honey, and 1 Signature Hydra Lustre Lipstick in Pink Champagne. ***GLOSS: 2 High Gloss Ultra Brilliance in Berry and Rose. Also included is 1 Black MagnaScopic Maximum Volume Mascara, 1 Gentle Eye Makeup Remover for all skintypes (3.4 fl.oz), a 4 piece deluxe brush set and 1 Artist Writer Eye Pencil in 01 Softsmudge Black.

Small Wonders Perfume Set
A precious collection of 6 of her favorite fragrances in a golden gift box.
Limited-time collection includes these Eau de Parfum purse sizes:
* Estée Lauder pleasures
* Pure White Linen
* New. Estée Lauder Sensuous
* Beautiful
* Youth‑Dew
* Estée Lauder Beyond Paradise

These individual products would retail for $300.00

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