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It’s been more than 2 weeks since I first called Qtel to have them add Mosaic TV+ as a service to my current package. Without getting any calls after being promised that they’d call me in 3 days, a reader of the blog has asked his husband to lend me a hand. So with him doing some internal calls, he succeeded in having someone come up to the house on Thursday morning, more than a week ago.

The installers were actually not from Qtel but from a contracted company that installs the set-top box (minimal footprint) and the wireless router, which is quite long. The brand of the router is Vood and the model itself is 453w (More Technical information here). It took them more than 30 minutes to get everything going as at first, there was no signal for the TV service. They were telling me that probably only 50% of those who asks for Mosaic TV+ at the Old Airport do get TV signal. Luckily, after some calls to their base, the router was showing that a signal was being received. I asked them if I could have access to my router settings but was told that they couldn’t give me access as even they don’t know the password to the router settings nor could they even give me WEP security because of this. I did try checking our stuff if they were connecting to the LAN and the Wi-Fi properly and I was able to connect to Xbox Live for my 360, Internet on the Wii, Nintendo DS Online, and Mavis’ laptop. I wasn’t able to check the Archos 605 but I’m sure it wouldn’t have any problems connecting. The most I’ve had difficulty with connecting to any Wi-Fi service was the DS so having been able to connect right away using the Wi-fi installed was a relief. Checking my Torrent port connection, I saw that it was giving me a red icon, meaning that I’m not getting connections from outside as the port was blocked. After some calls to Qtel Service (111) and asking them to open some ports, I was still getting the red icon. Luckily, I was able to find an open port and directed my torrent to that so I’m getting a green icon now.

So that’s it! We have Mosaic TV+ at last! Thanks to Mr. C and his wife! I’ll give you more reviews about the service soon.

It’s been more than a week since I called Qtel and was told that they’d be calling me within 3 days to follow up on my complaint regarding the Mosaic Service. Nobody (officially) from Qtel called me up on this. However, a good Samaritan has been helping me out getting things moving. He said his wife reads the blog and got to know my predicament and so she asked him to give me a call and see if he can help out. After several calls and follow -ups from him, he did confirm that we can have Mosaic TV+. I was told that they’d be installing the service on Thursday this week and would hopefully receive a call from the technician early morning. Inshallah!

To Mr. C and his wife, thank you! I’m just glad that people like you extend their hands out to help. I hope that all Qtel Employees are as helpful as Mr. C, otherwise, I see a lot of people cursing and pulling their hairs out with Qtel support services. 

I’ve wasted more than 45 minutes on the phone yesterday, dialing back and forth between 111 and 115 and pushing a combination of numbers along the way i.e. 111, press 2 for English > 4 for landline services > 3 Additional Services. Imagine doing this for 6 times just to apply for Qtel’s Mosaic TV+ […]

I’ve been calling Qtel ever since they promoted their Mosaic Package in 2006. Apprently, only selected areas in Doha has access to Mosaic and the Old Airport Area is not one of the areas. vThis ‘Triple Play’ service brings together high quality voice services, Digital Broadcast TV delivered using Internet Protocol technologies and Broadband Internet […]

If you have BarQ ADSL line from Qtel and planning to install Vista on your machine, here are the steps to make your re installation of the Speedtouch 330 drivers as smooth as possible.

Install Qtel’s Speedtouch 330 on Vista

1. Download the compatible Speedtouch 330 Driver (direct link – 256mb)

2. Extract the ZZMT4.103.iso to a folder (create a new one) using Winrar or any compression programs supporting ISO files OR use Nero or a CD burning program to burn the ISO file to a CD-Rom.

3. Run Setup.exe if Autorun didn’t work. Make sure that the Speedtouch USB cable is not yet plugged in to your PC or Laptop.

4. Choose the Speedtouch modem graphic from the choices.

5. Scroll down to read the instructions and check the accept box.

6. Press Next till you get the "Setup my Speedtouch" button.

7. On the Home Install Wizard that pops up, select PPPoE, then press Next.

8. Choose default VPI.VCI 8.35 then press Next till you get the prompt for your Username.

9.  Type your Username and password, press Next.

10. Plugin the Speedtouch330 USB cable to your PC/Laptop.

11.Select "connect to the Internet".

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