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I’ve posted about the new law stating that landlords can’t increase rent for the next 2 years. This is good for us expats as it means that rents won’t skyrocket to unbelievable amounts. Well and good if implemented. As I’ve found out, when renewing our house lease, the new law doesn’t necessarily mean that it […]

Before we left for our vacation last May, we had to settle our rent for the flat as it was expiring while we were on vacation. We had a 2 year contract for the flat for QR4700 a month. At that time, June 2005, Qr4700 was already on the low side for a 2 bedroom […]

I’ve thought about it over the weekend, I even made a sketch of how I’d like it to look. Doing a makeover in a flat could be a bit tricky, especially if you have to deal with a limited area. We’re still lucky though, for a 2-BR flat, I consider ours good-sized. But I’ve decided to go […]

A friend of ours is looking to share his apartment with other Filipino bachelors or families. The place is near Philippine International School (PIS). We went there yesterday and saw that the building was new and that the rooms were big. It has one big bathroom and a small one. It would be a good […]

The offer I got is QR3,000 for the basic, QR5,000 for the housing allowance, QR2,000 as supplementary allowance (they say for the inflation), and QR600 for transportation allowance.  I am planning to have my family follow after I become regular (three months probationary period).  My first question is can I live a decent life and […]

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