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Spent another afternoon searching for the right place for our small family.  Well at least today we got to chill in the morning before going out to look for flats.  In the morning, I was able to do my shopping to ensure that despite our very busy schedule we’ll have food for the rest of […]

We’ve spent the whole afternoon looking at flats for rent along the Bin Omran and Clipp area.  It was the ideal area for us as it just 10-15 mins away from Qatar Academy.  We did find one that we liked about 2 weeks ago however, electricity hasn’t been installed yet since the owners haven’t secured […]

So the grueling search for a new place has begun.  Tian looked into advertisements on newspapers and forums on the internet for prospective flats and villas.  Luckily this week we’ve found a nice, suitable place for our small family.  We saw this very cozy and cute 2-bedroom flat in Clipp area, near the TV roundabout […]

As stated before, we are moving to another flat, hopefully, somewhere near Bin Omran, Bin Mahmoud, or Al Rayyan. We’ve been able to look at some flats the other week and surprisingly, rates for these flats are better than what one was getting a year ago. Last year, an unfurnished 2 bedroom flat would surely […]

Moving on, you might have seen Mavis’ twit about us looking for a new flat. After almost 4 years in our flat, we are now trying to find a new, hopefully better, flat near Bin Omran and Bin Mahmoud. Or even Markhiya if we don’t see a flat in those 2 places. Why are we moving? It’s a secret for now as we don’t want to preempt anything at this point. Anyway, while looking at some flats last Thursday, Xiane went crying as she was saying that she liked our flat a lot. She was also concerned of not having a tub, for her satisfaction, and when we were showed a flat which has a stove and not an oven, it became an issue for her too. We’d probably be back house haunting at the middle of the month as it seems it’s useless to look for one now that we’re only planning to transfer early next month. Still, we already bought boxes to pack some of Xiane’s toys.

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