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This was the song that my daughter’s class did for their production in school.  Doha Montessori and British School just had its Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and 2) production.  There were 3 classes for each year and each class had their own theme.  For Xianelle’s class it was the Underwater theme.  They had to sing and dance to the tune of “Underwater” and “Octopus’s Garden”.

After weeks and weeks of rehearsals, they were finally put to the test.  The production went on for 4 showings, 1 for each day starting on Sunday, the 5th of April.  Xianelle missed one production day as she got sick.  Thankfully she got better right away and was able to join her class on Wednesday, the last day of production.  Fortunately, I was also able to watch her perform.  Her poor dad however missed her performance as he had couldn’t leave work.  I just took a video of her which we watched at home that day. 

The children wore a uniform blue plain shirt and black pants.  Then a nicely-drawn picture of a sea creature (octopus, seahorse, starfish, stingray, lobster, jelly fish) hanging around their necks over their bodies.  Then they wore a band on their head that had a fish on it.  Voila! That completes their look.

It was very exciting to see the children perform, seeing my daughter especially.  It was a bit nerve-racking thinking that she might make a mistake with her dance steps.   But taking a video and photos of her at the same time made it very easy for me to forget about being anxious.  After their number my arms were cramping so bad but I was happy. 
Congratulations Xiane and classmates for a job well done!  Who knows someday, one of you guys will be in the West End or Broadway; perhaps one of you will get an Olivier or Tony perhaps.  Maybe someday…  

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Today we got a note from school telling us that Xianelle is going to have her swimming class tomorrow.  For starters, each class is divided into 2 groups; one group will have classes on Tuesday and the other one on Thursdays.  But later on they will be divided depending on their swimming skills and probably […]

It has definitely been a very busy week for us three.  My husband was busy as usual with his work plus the meetings that went along with it.  It was the start of another school term for my daughter; as for me, having to work outside the home. Xiane and I easily got adjusted to […]

On September 7th, most schools are going to open again for the start of the First Term of school year.  This includes my daughter’s school, Doha Montessori and British School.  But since it is Ramadan, school timings will be from 7:45 am- 12:15 noon.  This would mean that we’ll be able to come home early […]

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