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So what’s up in Doha, Qatar? Apparently, someone saw this "creature" in corniche the other day. As reported on a local newspaper:

A mysterious figure resembling a human being was sighted on the Doha Corniche’s parking lot, according to a report published in a local Arabic daily.
The report is based on the statement of an Arab expatriate lady who said she had seen the strange figure near the Oryx statue while walking in the area.
Quoting the woman, the daily said she took a picture of it in spite of being terribly frightened.
“She was very soon surrounded by a large number of people who also attested to the fact of what she had seen . But it suddenly disappeared out of their sight when they tried to go near it,” the report added.

I leave it to you what you think. But honestly, if this was true, there would be more news about the whole thing and people who saw it could really come out and testify and place their names on the line.

The following weekend, we decided to go back to the beach.  This time we went at 8:00 in the morning.  This time we were bringing some donuts.  We were also expecting some friends to be meeting us there too.  We were smarter this time around as we have already figured out the easiest way to go there.

When we came it was high tide and much of the water closest to the beach was a little murky.  We were a little disappointed too, to find out that during this time of the day, the murky water which obviously was very hard to see through have got some trash in it mostly plastic wraps from food.  My husband and I were quite sad to find out that some people who have been visiting the beach were not responsible enough to take care of their trash and just dumped it on the beach.  It’s a shame that we are given this opportunity to enjoy nature for free and yet we simply seem not to care.

Disappointed that we didn’t get to enjoy our visit as much as we did the first time, I am more disgusted at how people can be so irresponsible and uncaring of their environment.  Here is hoping that the Municipality of Al Wakra would see this problem and start addressing it.  But most of all here’s hoping that people who visit the beach would come to their senses and start caring for it.

Johnny Rockets at Doha, Qatar

I remember how my husband used to tease me for 3 months about me not treating him and Xianelle yet from my own salary. Well yesterday, the teasing officially stopped since I was finally able to give them a treat. Johnny Rockets, an American burger joint here in Doha, was an easy choice as to where I would be treating them. Easy because we haven’t really tried it and he’s been wanting to try it for the longest time but it just didn’t materialize before yesterday.

Johnny Rockets is located along Salwa Road beside the Nissan Showroom. The place is very much like a 50’s diner, neat and cozy. The menu is simple; it’s basically all about burgers. Honestly, looking at the menu, one would think that there should me more items to choose from. Anyway, being a burger joint, we normally chose the burgers. My husband got the Double Rockets while I got the St. Louis. His was two layers of burger patties with onions, tomatoes and lettuce; burger at its simplest and the least adulterated form. Mine was smothered in cheese and a few slices of bacon. Then it was time to taste the burger…

Thankfully it wasn’t disappointing at all. We both loved our burgers. It was tasty and cooked just right. You know that it was pure beef and you can taste all the juices coming from the burger with every bite. Needless to say, we were satisfied with the food, basically with the burger. The fries and onion rings side dish that we ordered were also good. On the other hand we had to order a breakfast item for our daughter since we thought she’d love the bacon. We were right; we had to order another batch (4 strips) of bacon for her.

The overall Johnny Rockets experience was fine. We enjoyed the good food and nice ambience. Although I still think that there should be more choices on the menu and the staff should be more lively and warm to the customers. I think that we’ll be coming back for more burgers in the near future.

Wakra Beach

It’s almost here! The Sony Ericsson Championships in Doha is just days away! It starts November 3 and ends on November 9. Have you bought your tickets yet? We saw tickets being sold at Villagio two weeks ago but decided not to buy tickets. Why? Again, as I’ve said before, Maria Sharapova isn’t coming. And if we do decide to watch, I’m sure they’ll be giving away free tickets when you go there. You won’t get the best seats in the house i.e. the lower section, but if you’re just in it for really watching it, the lower box might not have the best seats for watching. That’s just my personal opinion. But if you’re raring to get some photos up close, then those would be the best seats.

Tickets are sold for 10 (upper section), 20 (middle section) and 50 (lower section). Seasonal tickets would cost you 350QR. Still cheap by standards; as other tournaments would have you pay thrice that per day. If you’re really interested, you better get your seasonal tickets instead of hassling around the stadium for tickets once it starts.

By the way, if you want to take a visit to photos of this years’ Qatar Total Open (WTA Event) held in Doha last February. Go to the LifeontheSpot Gallery!

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