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Every year when we come home, we always make it a point to donate some money to a charity. The past few years, we’ve been donating to a charity whose purpose is to support the elderly who have been abandoned by their families. This year, we were told by my mom that they have donated some toys to a village near our area who were composed of "Aetas" or part of the indigenous tribe, who were displaced from their homes when Mt. Pinatubo erupted. So while still in Qatar, we tried to explain to xiane that we’d be giving away some of her old and unused toys and also some of the toys that she’s been getting from Mcdonalds or from parties that she attends. Xianelle helped her mom in picking up toys that she was willing to let go and was very giving by not opening the toys from her Kiddie Meals so she could add them to her donations. By the time we got back to the Philippines, she was able to fill half of a big box.

This sunday, after going to the park, we prepared some candies in bags so we could give them away with Xiane’s toys. We drove to the Aeta Village and told on of the village representatives to call children so we could hand out some toys and candies to them. In less than 2 minutes, kids from everywhere were running towards our car. We opened the back of the car and asked them to line up. It was really hot but Xiane, Mavis and my Sis were so busy handing toys out that it wasn’t really a concern. It was chaotic at first but ended without any problems.

We’re hoping to come back before our vacation ends and buy some slippers, pencils and papers for the kids. It was also very heartwarming to see Xiane excited about giving away her toys knowing that she would make somebody else happy with her gift. I’m sure she’d be able to save more toys for next year.

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Here’s our schedule for the past weeks since we arrived in the Philippines.

July 3 – Flew from Qatar to Philippines. 9 hour flight.
July 5 – Mini reunion and party at the house in Pampanga.
July 8 – Flew to Malaysia. Stayed in Genting Highlands Resort.
July 9 – Genting, Malaysia. Enjoyed the Outdoor Theme Park.
July 10 – Enjoyed the Indoor Theme Park. Traveled from Genting to Kuala Lumpur.
July 11 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. KLCC Suria, Petrosains, Aquaria, Petronas Towers, China Town.
July 12 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. KL Bird Park, Kampung Baru, Jalan Alor.
July 13 – Flight from Kuala Lumpur to Philippines.
July 14 – 4-hour trip to Baguio City to spend 5 days there.
July 18 – Trip back t Angeles City (4-hour drive).

and for this week…

July 21 to 25 – Bangkok. Here we come!

Yahoo! Vacation time again for the San Juan’s. I was supposed to post something the other day about our trip back home but I had some problems with my connection at home in Angeles City, Philippines tat I lost my post. Anyway, we left Doha to start our yearly vacation on July 2, Thursday of […]

Had a small gathering for a very POST Birthday party for Xiane and a mini reunion of some sorts for us cousins!

I was told by my Qatar Airways employee friend that they have dropped the prices to their flights in the east. I went online to check the current prices and lo and behold! Cheap prices to the Philippines indeed! For example, an Economy Super Value Plus return ticket on July 30 from Doha going to Manila coming back on August 18 will only set you back for QR 2970 taxes included. I got mine a month ago for QR3700++.

My friend said that it was the Swine Flu scare that brought the prices down. In any case, better start buying those tickets if you intend to fly this month or the next coming months. I just made a quick search for a flight on September and returns on November and the price for the trip, including taxes, is just QR 2570. If you are not yet sure of the exact date of flight, you better get the Economy Standard Value 2 which permits changes to your date of flight. The ticket would cost you QR 2970 but would allow you to freely change you travel dates witihin 6 months.

This is the best time to buy those tickets!!!

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