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Ever since Xianelle was able to watch a Pokemon episode when we were staying in a hotel in Manila on our vacation this year, she became a big fan of Pokemon. It was probably because of the cute and lovable Pokemon characters, the complexity of evolving Pokemons and type-trumping in battle (you’ll know what I mean if you are a fan too) that made her a fan. She loves them so much that we even had to make rule that there would be no talk of Pokemons when were in front of the table. That’s how much she talks about Pokemons. With about 400+ Pokemon Characters, she is likely to know 350+ of them, along with  their evolutions, their types, their moves and so forth! She dreams of Pokemon!

Anyway, Mavis and I decided to let her open her first gift from us this Christmas yesterday (24th) so she’ll have enough time appreciating and enjoying them before we give her more of her gifts this Christmas morning (4 hours from now!). I’ll let the photos tell you what happened.

I tried the previous post of Xiane’s song on Firefox and it seems that it doesn’t work well with Firefox so I’m posting this again.

This text will be replaced by the flash music player.

Here is Xiane singing “Someone’s Waiting for You” using tian’s Sansa Clip player to record the guitar (Xtian) and Xiane.

Happy Pizza

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12 Dec 2008

We got this comment from one of our readers in Wales.

I thought I wou’d just drop you a line to let you know that your daughter is a bit of a Mini Legend within my team at work.

Basically, we chose to welcome a new member to the team by going for Pizza one day. One of our team mates googled "Happy Pizza" to show his support for the idea, and send the photo of Xiane around to us all.

Ever since, "Happy Pizza" (Complete with raised arms and large smile) has been the team motto… and has since morphed into anything from "Happy coffee break" to "Happy cancelled meeting".

Anyway, I appreciate this is all probably very random to you, but it seemed right to let you know that your daughter is a celebrity between a team of Marketing Assistants in Wales.


Here is the link to the original post and the photo below.

As I am writing this article, Tian and I are here waiting at the church parking area while waiting for our daughter who’s attending her Catechism class.  It is her first day today.  I’ve heard about the Catechism classes from two co-parents in school.  After some thought, we’ve decided to enroll Xiane in order for […]

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