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5 Sep 2008

After our 2-month long holiday in the Philippines, we’re back here in Doha once again.  As we always say in Filipino “Tapos na ang maliligayang araw.”  To translate literally in English, “Happy days are over.”  Not that being back here is bad, it’s just that it’s always hard to be away from family once again, […]

After 4 weeks of extended vacation in the Philippines, Mavis and Xiane are finally arriving tonight…

…and I’ve got a gift for Mavis which I think she’ll like.

I’m back! Mavis and Xiane are still in the Philippines having na extended vacation and would be back on the 28th of the month. So technically,I’m part of the other group of "bachelors" in Qatar. In Qatar, you usually have those real bachelors without wives and the other bachelors are those husbands who become bachelors when their wives are on vacation. The only difference between being a married "bachelor" and having your wife and family here in Qatar is not having home-cooked food and being alone in the house.

anyway, I actually arrived a week ago but been too busy at work and at home. When I arrived on the evening of Saturday last week, I even had to spend time cleaning the bedroom. It was just too dusty. I had to to some dusting off, mop the floor and of course, change the beddings and all. I’m still not even finished with cleaning up the whole house yet as when I get home, I’m usually sleepy and too lazy… he he he. 

One thing that was noticable is that the weather here is too humid. Standing outside for a minute is like getting into a steam room. No exaggerating! Aside from that, I haven’t been around that much so  I can’t say much. I think the D- ring road is almost open but would have to look into that too! 

So that’s it for me for now. I’ll update you with what’s happening in Qatar and more stories about our vacation in the Philippines as we haven’t been able to tell you all our adventures last month. Till then!!!

We arrived safely back to Manila yesterday from our 4 night, 5 day trip to Puerto Princesa, Palawan. It was wonderful, to say the least. The weather was very cooperative and the sun did let us enjoy our adventures to the different tourist destinations within Puerto Princesa. There were places where we went that made you feel that you were in a National Geographic documentary; from the view going to the Underground River and the Underground River trip itself to literally swimming with a thousand fishes and admiring the sea life that Palawan has to offer. Of course, food was essential and treated ourselves with the freshest sea food we could find; lobsters, Blue Marlins, tuna, Shrimps, Parrot fish, flat fish and more.

We’ve also had our share of mini “casualties”. Those very territorial fishes near the shore would bite you once you get near them resulting in my sister’s bite mark on the leg from the said fish. Xiane would also suffer being stung on the ear by a jellyfish while my other sister got stung on her leg. With the sudden onset of low tide, I found myself trapped in a bed of dead corals and rocks and scratched my right leg trying to avoid hitting any of the corals. Still, it was fun!

I’m still processing the photos we took and would post them here as well show you the complete set on our Gallery once I do finish with them. As it is, my family is already harassing me to give them a copy of the photos. And I’ll probably be blogging about our trip in detail once I get time. Need to get some zzzzzzsss….

We went to the Ark of Avilon on the 23rd of June, after checking out of Lancaster Suites at about 10:30 a.m. . We didn’t really know where it was so we asked the receptionist where it is located and found out that is was just beside Tendiesitas and Fun Ranch in Pasig.

Ark of Avilon is basically a small zoo. We found that place to be great as it was clean and the animals were well taken care of. It really wasn’t that big and the animals weren’t that many but the place was quite enjoyable especially that there were just 3 more families at the Ark of Avilon. Children can feed the goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and tortoises. You’ll also be able to meet Colleen the Orangutan and touch the donkey and the snake. Interesting animals include the Owls, the Beaver (which we thought was an Otter till we realized later on), the albino Macaque (Philippine Monkey), and the Leopard. Entrance to Ark of Avilon costs Php200 (about 20QR). They’ll stamp your wrist so you can go out and go back anytime of the day. I do recommend the place as kids would surely enjoy being close to the animals and be able to feed them.

Ark of Avilon

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