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We were in Villagio this evening and were trying to look for a parking space as it was crowded. We stopped on the side of a parking lane and waited for people to leave the car park. After about 5 minutes, a Qatari, around 50-60 years old, came and slowly walked towards our direction. We were hoping that his car was parked on our lane so we could get his space. As the Qatari was walking slowly and seems lost, Mavis was saying that he forgot were he parked his car. The Qatari walked past our car and went left, to the other lane across us. I was telling Mavs that he probably forgot what car he brought with him that’s why he can’t find his car. She agreed.

After 2 minutes, we saw him on the other lane to our right. He probably noticed that we were looking at him and waved his hand to signal for us to come over that side as he was leaving. I raced to the other side of the parking lot and waited for him to get his car out. I waved my hand as our cars came side by side to show my appreciation but he rolled out his window and was saying something so I did the same. He said "Don’t get confused like me", with a big smile on his face. Mavis and I smiled back

Yes. I’ve been chosen to be part of Vodafone’s 1st 1000! Great! Yeah!

But minutes after getting my phone number reserved, I came to a realization that I need another phone for my Vodafone number. So my suggestion is, Vodafone should give the 1st 1000 a pick of the new phones that they would be providing and not just the number itself. I’m not saying that it should be free (but if want people to be happy…) but at least should be discounted too.

Do you see a timeline when Vodafone comes out with their phones? As now I need to get a phone for my SIM Card.

It seems that vacation is still 3 months away, July, yet it seems so near. We would have wanted to go home earlier since July is rainy season in the Philippines, but with Xiane’s school schedule, we don’t have any choice at all.

With Xiane being older and less worrisome when travelling, we’ve been making some side trips when we’re on vacation. 2 Years ago, we went to Hong Kong to see Mickey and his friends at Disneyland. We were also able to take my family with us as it was a promise I gave my Mom in 1999 as she always wanted to go to Disneyland. Last year, we were able to go and snorkel with the fishes and visit the longest underground river in Palawan. That was an unforgettable 5 day experience indeed.

For those with us in the trip, it seems easy enough to follow the itinerary. But for someone who plans the whole trip, for 8-9 people, it is a tedious job.

Usually, a plan is set 6 months before the actual trip, deciding on where to go and doing the research, budgeting and planning. It also doesn’t hurt that some low cost airlines gives free seats once in a while. AirAsia had their seat sale last December, I think, but we haven’t really decided where to go yet so I missed that one. We were thinking of going to Bangkok or Malaysia but by February, Mavis and I settled that we might not be able to do an extra trip this year. However, my Mom blurted out that they were planning to go to Hong Kong Disneyland again since she missed the fireworks and got sick when we were there. So I started with the research and initial budgeting. It seems that their funds and our funds wouldn’t quite meet the needed budget plus there were some concerns that it would just be a repeat of our trip before. That didn’t really bother me, Mavis or even Xiane, who wanted to ride the Buzz Lightyear again. With Mavis and I, we love Hong Kong and seems that we feel we’ve connected with the city. We love the transportation, the food, the walking, the shopping, and everything else. But I digress. Having a more set budget, we set our sights to our original plan, Bangkok or Malaysia.

To be continued…

I never thought that I’d be addicted to any console games ever.  When I was a little girl we had the Game and Watch and the Nintendo Family Computer later when I was a bit older.  But unlike my brother I was never really into it.  I would play but just for a little while.  I was never good at any of the games anyway.

I liked playing the DS but just the same I only played my favorite games like the Diner Dash and Cake Mania and that’s it.  But… a big but… since I tried playing Guitar Hero on the Wii, I suddenly became a fan and would desperately want to play every chance I have.  Tian and I played together.  At times he’d be the lead and I’d be the bass and vice-versa.  Naturally, he was the better player but I tried my best to keep up.  It was really engaging even if we were just using the WiiMote.

Tian had been contemplating on buying the Guitar Hero World Tour kit but ever the practical person that he is, he ended up not wanting to buy it since it would cost a lot.  It would have been really cheap to order it online but then the shipping cost is expensive.  But last night, after some egging from me, he decided to buy not just the guitar kit but the Guitar Hero Band Kit complete with guitar, drum set and a mic. 

So after coming from a party, we rushed to Technical Care Center at Mirgab and grabbed the Guitar Hero Band Kit for the Xbox.  We bought the one for the Xbox360 and not the Wii because it has digital sound whereas the Wii is only stereo.  In short, we wanted it to sound more authentic.  We drove home as fast as we could.  I got Xianelle ready for bed while Tian set up the band, then we played until past midnight.  So I guess we’ll be spending more time playing because we are so ready to rock!

It’s been really difficult for me to write for the blog since I started working.  There’s just so much to do and the weekends are just too short.  So I am quite lucky to be pounding on the keyboard once again although there are still a lot of things to do.  I guess my chores […]

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