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A friend of mine from Saudi who’s in constant communication with me has always been generous in giving praises whenever I tell her that I drive here in Doha. She’s simply amazed that I am actually driving here already. Then she tells me about someone they know who’s just new driving in Saudi, how that […]

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Since Islam uses a lunar calendar—with each month starting with the sighting of the new moon, so does Ramadan. More than a billion Muslims around the world, spend Ramadan with prayer, charity and most of all fasting. It is the Muslims belief that during the month […]

A lot of people have been emailing me to help them find a job in the gulf. I am not a contractor nor employed in an employment agency so I really can’t help you with that. However, let me tell you this. I got my first job in Saudi Arabia through the Internet. I found […]

There are 2 options for expats wanting to watch their favorite television shows and programs in the Middle East. Either you pay to subscribe to a Satellite Pay-TV service of your choice or get Free-to-Air Satellite and watch shows for free. If you’re on a budget and would note necessarily need the channels you’re paying […]

I just wanted to expound on my thoughts on Saudi in relation to the previous article. It might have appeared that our stay in Saudi was all that bad. Honestly it’s the opposite, we’ve spent 4 wonderful years and had a lot of good memories there the best of which is conceiving and giving birth […]

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