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Businessmen here have reacted sharply to Bahrain’s plan to scrap the sponsorship system for foreign workers and said if such a move was made here it could spell disaster for them. Manama has announced it would enforce on August 1 a new labour law that would allow expatriate workers to switch jobs without seeking permission […]

Bahrain said yesterday it would scrap its existing sponsorship system for foreign workers in the hope of reducing its need for expatriate labour, a first in a region often criticised by rights groups over the issue. Many sectors of Gulf Arab economies heavily rely on low-qualified foreign workers, mostly from Asian countries. “We’re working on […]

Beware of clicking any email supposedly coming from Doha Bank. The Login link it links to a phishing site to get your account numbers. Here’s the sample that the email might contain.

Doha Bank
You have incorrectly entered your details too many times. to prevent unauthorised access to your accounts,we have suspended your use of this service,To regain access please Click log on below.

I’m not a client of Doha Bank so I was surprised to get an email from them. The curios thing about this is that it is actually coming from 2 emails.One is from and the other is

Make sure you don’t click on the Login!

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OFW DIARIES the newest News and Public Affairs show of GMA7 hosted by Ms. Kara David, will be a forum for OFW stories, issues and other concerns. It aims to tackle the life, struggles and triumphs of OFW’s base on their own accounts using video diaries or video blogs created by the OFW.

We invite you to send your video diaries, video blogs, pabati videos, essays, poems that you might read while recording your oice, actually you can send anything as long as it is not offensive to any party and constructively and creatively done. You may send them on this email.

You can get in touch with us through our Direct Line at +632 928 2019 or +632 982 7777 loc. 1430/1431. You may also get in touch through my personal mobile number at 0917 9446095 or 0908 477 6953.

A friend of mine from Saudi who’s in constant communication with me has always been generous in giving praises whenever I tell her that I drive here in Doha. She’s simply amazed that I am actually driving here already. Then she tells me about someone they know who’s just new driving in Saudi, how that […]

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