Tokyo 2017

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21 Jun 2017

This is our third time to visit Japan, our second time in Tokyo. We were in Tokyo on 2010 and though we stayed for 15 days, it wasn’t enough for us. There were still places we wanted to visit and revisit.

Our trip started early in the morning of June 21. We landed at Narita and got the N’EX TOKYO Round Trip Tickets which provide a direct trip from the airport to Shibuya and vice versa. The discounted tickets cost 4,000 yen (130QAR/1800Php) per person. On all instances that we‘ve used the airport trains (including Osaka), they were never really full. The seats were wide and comfortable and have enough spaces for luggage in the front and back of each cart.

If it is your first time in Japan, you should know that their train stations are huge. Some stations have malls built above them or as oart of the station itself. The number of levels and trains are also confusing. Carrying big luggage will also prove to be an exercise as some stations would not have elevators nor escalators or finding one would be difficult to get to.

Getting out of Shibuya station became a challenge for us as it was raining when we arrived. Our apartment was about a 8-10 minute walk from the station but getting a taxi was also difficult. We braved the rain and since we only had 2 umbrellas, I got soaked while I pushed 2 big luggage across streets. After some stops along the way, we finally made it to My Castle Shibuya, our home for the next 7 days.

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