Akihabara and Yodobashi

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23 Jun 2017

Akihabara is quite special for us as this was our home for 15 days when we first visited Tokyo years ago. Seeing it again brings back good memories but also shows how much have changed in the place they call ‘Electric Town‘. Akihabara was our next stop after doing some shopping at Ameyokocho in Ueno. We were here for 2 things; shop at Yodobashi Camera for toys and Pepperlunch.

Upon exiting the station, we had to reacquaint and retrace our steps to Yodabashi Camera. Yodabashi Camera is one of the biggest electronic shops in town selling not just cameras but computers, mobile phones, health products, TVs, household electronics, heated toilet seats, toys and most electronic items. Yodobashi-Akiba has 9 floors!

You’ll find cell phones, computers, tablet accessories, memory counter, and the Apple Store on the ground floor. Microsoft was showing their latest line up of Surface Pro products and Xiane had time to try and draw on their Surface Studio while I looked for a card reader and Mavis looked for some screen protectors.

Our next stop was on the 3rd floor where they were selling cameras and camera accessories. I got myslef a strap for my Fuji XT-20 and remembered to buy a Rode Video Micro as well. If you are purchasing items more than Y5,000, there items are duty-free if you are bringing your passport with you. That gives you an 8% discount and if you have a Visa Credit card as well, it gives you another 4%, if I remember correctly.

We then moved to my favorite floor which is the toy section on the 6th floor. Yodobashi has rows and rows of gundams on display but what caught my attention were the boxes of Bandai Star Wars vehicle model kits. I own a Moving Edition of the X-Wing Starfighter which I bought in Osaka as well as its standard version. Since Bandai doesn’t export these toys, they are not available even from my online Japanese suppliers. I grabbed 6 of them and was looking for an AT-AT but sadly, I didn’t find that model available. Still, I was a happy kid (Adult)!

We went up to their Food court on the 8th floor expecting to eat at Pepperlunch but we realized that this has now become a “gourmet” type of food court. It is really not a food court in a sense that there is no open space where people take their trays to eat but is filled with several restaurants. We decided to leave Yodobashi and headed to the main drag of Akihabara, Chuo-Dori.

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