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8 Jan 2016


Ok, so Netflix is now available in Qatar. As mentioned in my previous post, you can subscribe with a 1 month FREE TRIAL but you would need a credit card or paypal. You can cancel anytime before the trial expires.

But how is Netflix in Qatar in terms of the actual service? It seems that the video catalog for each country differs and this is what I found out yesterday after trying out Netflix on my Amazon Fire TV stick. I was trying to see if I can watch FRIENDS through Netflix so I did a search and came up with nothing. I went online to see that there may have been some issues with it and people were saying you have to type in “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.” to find it. I did that as well and still nada.

Hmm…so I went on my PC, used a VPN service, registered for a US Account and voila, FRIENDS is indeed available. This is only though a VPN service which configures your IP Address to be in the US. The full FRIENDS Episodes we’re available and were streaming. So I logged out of my previous Qatar Netflix Account and tried to login to my US Netflix Account. Still, no FRIENDS. That also means that we are missing out on probably thousands of Movies and TV Shows available in the US Netlix Catalog! This is Netflix Geo-blocking in which the number of available TV Shows and Movies are limited by your geographic location, mostly in part, due to licensing agreements.

Doing more research, here is what I found out about the the Netflix Catalog:


United States Qatar Philippines
Movies and
TV Shows
6994 1647 849

To be more precise about the numbers, Netflix Qatar provides us with 217 Shows and 1430 Movies. (You can access the full lists by clicking the numbers) We are still luckier as the Philippines were only provided 849 shows and movies to access.

I don’t see FRIENDS, Walking Dead, Fraiser, Cheers, Gilmore Girls and even animes like Sword Art Online and Attack on Titan which are all available in the US Netflix Catalog!  I am not sure yet if Netflix will actually expand its Qatar Catalog in the very near future.

With that in mind, if you were using Ooredoo’s Mozaic service before, you may want to hold on to it for a little while as a Netflix subscription may not be as worthy as we all thought it would be since their launch in Qatar yesterday.

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