Pier 12 – Radisson Blu Hotel

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26 Jun 2013
Pier 12 - Radisson Blu Hotel

Pier 12 – Radisson Blu

1.) What did you order? (Exact name as appears on menu with correct spelling)

1 New England Chowder 55QR
3 pcs. Pan-seared Scallops from the Fish Market Trolley 270QR
6 pcs. Fresh Oysters from the Fish Market Trolley QR25/pc
2 Alaskan King Crab legs with White Wine Sauce 320QR
1 Bouillabaisse 145QR
1 San Francisco Cioppino 120QR
1 Warmed Double Chocolate Brownie 45QR
1 Aqua Panna Water (Large) 25QR
1 Cappuccino 13QR
1 Coca Cola 14QR
1 Carrot Juice 22QR

2.) Were the prices reasonable?
The prices for some of the items in the menu were very reasonable. The New England Chowder for 55QR can be shared. Served in a sourdough bread bowl, it is creamy but doesn’t dilute the taste of seafood broth as well as the clams. The chowder can be a meal in itself!

The main dishes like Bouillabaisse and the Cioppino can be shared as well though I doubt that you’d want to share just because both are delectable. Though the Bouillabaisse wasn’t served in traditional means wherein the fish is served separately from its soup, it was still luscious. The fish, lobster tail, scallops, prawns and clams were done right and present their own flavor after each bite. I usually don’t like fish soups because of the overpowering taste and smell of “fish” but the Bouillabaisse soup was very subtle with hints of onions and coriander.

San Francisco Cioppino

San Francisco Cioppino

Some of the items in the Fresh Market Trolley (fresh seafood cooked by the Chef to your liking) are considerably high priced. Three pieces of gourmet fresh scallops pan-seared to perfection costs 270QR. I loved their excellent flavor and texture. The Alaskan King Crab Legs, poached in some wine, salt and herbs and placed in a bed of leeks were full of sweetness by themselves. There was no actual need to use any of the sauce you may choose to go with it but the white wine sauce offers a contrast to the taste and brings out a non overpowering mixture of different flavor to the dish. The King crab legs were worth 320QR but relatively understandable as they’re brought in from non-local sources.

Alaskan King Crabs

Alaskan King Crabs

For dessert, you had several options of Chocolate Cinnamon Mouse, Crisp Apple Tart “Tatin”, Lemon Sorbet, Mango Raspberry Parfait and Warmed Double Chocolate Brownie, which I had. Prices range between 40-45QR which is not bad at all. I would have wanted the brownie to be more Chocolaty in taste but the sugared strawberries in a basket made of very thin peanut brittle made up for it.


Warmed Double Chocolate Brownie

Warmed Double Chocolate Brownie

 3.) Describe the ambiance.

The area itself is small yet welcoming. Quite unpretentious and décor is simplistic. It’s a place to have a simple yet elegant dinner with a partner or friends. The blue lighting accentuates the theme of Pier 12 and contributes to the mood of the diners.


Pier 12 - Radisson Blu Hotel

Pier 12 – Radisson Blu

4.) Describe the quality of the food.
The Pan-Seared Scallops, Fresh Oysters and Alaskan king crab legs from the Fresh Market Trolley were exceptional. (see no. 2)

Alaskan King Crabs and Fresh Oysters

Alaskan King Crabs and Fresh Oysters

5.) Describe the quality of the service.
Food came warm and as I was with my wife, our dishes arrived together so there was no waiting for the other to start. The wait staffs were very proficient and can recommend items when asked. They were very attentive to the service given but aren’t too pushy.

However, I only saw three wait staffs and foresee some issues when the place gets full.

6.) Would you go back? Why/why not?
Would definitely go back and can recommend the place to friends who would like to have seafood and those who usually don’t have seafood. I’m sure they’ll be able to appreciate seafood as not just being “fishy” once they taste Pier 12’s dishes.

7.) Favourite thing about the restaurant
The New England Chowder and Alaskan king crab legs. I don’t have to go to L’wzaar in Katara to enjoy fresh seafood.

8.) Least favourite thing about the restaurant
The only real gripe I have about the restaurant is the tables are close to each other that may hamper some intimacy when with your partner especially when the place is full.

9.) Was there a special touch or flair to the experience?
Being able to ask the Chef to cook items from the The Fish Market Trolley to your liking.

Fresh Market Trolley

Fresh Market Trolley at Radisson Blu

10.) Could the overall experience be improved? If so, how?
Aside from the issues with the tables being close and staff may be lacking when place is full, I could say that Pier 12 is truly a hidden gem in the city.

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