Ibis Hotel, Deira City Centre

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8 Dec 2012

As I didn’t have much time to plan this trip way ahead and with the Eid break underway, it was difficult to book rooms for our stay. I usually check Trip Advisor for good hotels to stay in and most of the rooms that I was looking at 2 weeks before our trip were already full as other travelers had anticipated their trips earlier than we did. There are several apartments for rent too but again, most of the good ones were filled or require at least a weeks’ stay. I don’t want to spend too much on a hotel as we’re the type who uses the hotel for resting and sleeping as we’re out most of the day. Unless you’re in Bangkok where a Pullman would cost less than half of what you’re paying in Dubai. All what we needed was a clean, comfortable room. In any case, I found another Novotel-owned hotel, IBIS HOTEL in Deira. The Ibis at The Mall of Emirates may have been better but again, rooms were all reserved.

The room was actually better than what I expected. It was spacious and the bed was big enough to accommodate the 3 of us. I guess experiencing the tiny room we stayed at in Tokyo made anything bigger than that. Still, for the amount that I paid and comparing it to the other hotel prices in Dubai, this was a steal.

It definitely was not perfect. You have to bring your own toiletries, i.e. toothbrush, paste, fave shampoo and body soap, as the room only provides you with a hair/body gel and a soap gel. The Shower area doesn’t have a full door which will surely make anything outside wet. The walls of the room are thin as well as the door so it’s not surprising to hear people at the hallways entering/closing their rooms. Luckily for us, by the time we get back to the hotel at night, we’re already too tired to really notice or for it to disturb our sleep. Light sleepers beware. Internet is provided at the Lobby but you will have to price a premium for a connection in your room.

With all the negative stuff laid out, I would still recommend this hotel for the price, cleanliness and location. It’s a No-frills hotel and that’s what you should expect from it considering what you pay for. Looking at some Trip Advisor reviews on the hotel, I can’t help but laugh at people who would expect a 4 or 5 star treatment from an Ibis. You carry your bags to your room as there would be no one to carry it for you. You don’t get any gym and you may use the next door pool of their sister hotel for a 30AED day use. However, staying at this hotel also gives you easy access to the Deira City Center Mall across it. You’re 3 minutes walk away from the nearest Metro Station. Taxis are easy to get. I’m giving it a 4 ½ star rating out of 5 based on the type of hotel and accommodation I should expect from such.

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