Aramede at Crowne Plaza Doha – The Business Park

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30 Sep 2012

Aramede at Crowne Plaza - The Business Park Doha

Aramede – All Day Dining Restaurant (180 seats) A modern market place, light organic colors and materials centered around a 6 story light flooded atrium with panoramic elevators. Aramede is the creation of a dining theatre that embodies the traditional dishes from both the Middle East and Continental Europe with modern reinterpretation Guests will be taken on a sensory visual journey with live cooking stations and international comfort options that ensure each visit is something new and different.

Last night, we were able to visit Crowne Plaza – The Business Park Doha which has just started operations a month ago. We were there to see what their restaurant “Aramede” has to offer. It wasn’t that difficult to find the location in Matar Road as by night time, the whole area of Crowne Plaza is engulfed in blue. It is very striking indeed but pleasant to the eyes.


The entrance to Aramede is quite unassuming but wait till you get inside…

Once you enter the main lobby, “Aramede” would actually be the first to greet your eyes. The entrance is quite unassuming and I had expected a fancier façade  However, once you start walking towards the inner room, you slowly realize that the area is big and you get treated to an amazing centrepiece where the chefs grill and food is displayed around this center area. The music being played was comforting, not intruding.

The dinner buffet in “Aramede” starts at QR170 per person and that excludes drinks. They do serve alcohol and spirits but we really don’t drink so we didn’t order any aside from your usual pop soda. Children are treated to a 50% discount on the food.

Now let’s talk about food itself. We went around the center area to survey the food, taking note of what we think we’d like so we could come back for them later. The area is divided into sections for Salads, Appetizers, Pasta, Breads and cheeses, made-to-order Pizza, main courses, grilling station and desserts.

Mavis and I started at the Grilling station, ordering some fresh prawns and Lamb Chops. While waiting for the grilled food, we tried their Pumpkin soup, some Maki and some of their various salads and appetizers. Xianelle found their made-to-order Pizza and ordered herself a basic mushroom and olive pizza. She also took some steamed vegetables and a serving of their Turkey, glazed in brown gravy before sitting back down.

Pumpkin Soup!

The Pumkin soup was lovely. It had the right amount of creaminess that didn’t distract you from the flavor of the pumpkin itself. The only thing about it was that it was a bit gritty and the soup being smoother would have made it perfect. The Maki were good but would have wanted more variations.

Maki and Appetizers

By the time we finished with the Makis, the grilled Prawns and Lamb Chops arrived. The chops were sooo good and cooked to a perfect medium. They were tender and probably the best lamb chops I’ve had so far. I immediately had two! As the Prawns were fresh, they tasted exquisite! I didn’t see any lemon butter dip so I got myself some butter which I let melt on the prawn and asked for some lemons which I drizzled on the prawns. It was like eating a steamed cob of corn with the saltiness of the sea. The meat of the prawn was wonderfully succulent and so delicious that I had 4. I think Mavis had 3 of them.

Grilled Prawns!

Succulent Lamp Chops

We did try there other grilled beef skewers as well and like the Arabic spiced beef better than the Oyster sauce marinated one. But that is not to say that the Oyster sauce marinated beef wasn’t good, it was just that flavor of the beef was trimmed down because of the marinade. However, the saltiness that touches your tongue upon eating these beef skewers brought me back to eating in a Brazilian Churrascaria. The meat was very tender and every bite brings out the intoxicating flavors of the meat which any good meat enthusiast should know. This got me excited about the opening of Rodizio, Crowne Plaza’s Brazilian Churrascaria, in a couple of weeks so I can compare it with the other Churrascaria in Doha, Ipanema at West End Doha. If the beef skewers served last night were a taste of what is to come, we’d have a battle of Churrascarias in Doha!

Keep 'em coming... More Grilled Beef and Chops

Keep ’em coming… More Grilled Beef and Chops

Still wanting to try out the other main courses, Mavis and I got ourselves a sampling of the Fish Curry, the Turkey in gravy, Stir-Fried Shrimps, and Beef Meatballs. The meatballs were good. Nothing too fancy about them but still good. The Turkey was great as the meat was not dry and the gravy wasn’t overpowering the flavor of the meat itself. The Shrimp dish had more of an Asia-stir fry, mildly Mediterranean taste. The shrimps were tender and not overcooked. Again, the sauce it had was complementary to the taste of the shrimps and doesn’t hide their savoury flavor. The most surprising was the Fish Curry. The curry was sweet but wasn’t close to other Indian-spiced curries or Japanese-inspired curries I’ve had before. The curry sauce itself was to die for. What made it even better was that the fish wasn’t enveloped with the curry taste and was probably only added after the curry was cooked and ready so you get that clear taste and flakiness of fresh fish, enhanced by the balanced sweetness and spiciness of the curry. It would be perfect partner to some Nan bread or white rice.

On to the main course...

On to the main course…

Xiane is a picky eater and stays loyal to home-made meals we cook but she finished more than half of the pizza that she ordered along with the vegetables and turkey she got. By the way, the pizza filled a whole plate so finishing half of it is more than enough for her.

Xiane's Pizza and food for the night...

Xiane’s Pizza and food for the night…

However, she indulged herself with the desserts. She had a plateful of various pies, cakes and her favorite was the Chocolate Mousse, which she had 4! We do agree as the mousse was yummy. I enjoyed the Mango and Mousse Cake as well while Mavis had praises for the Chocolate Swiss Roll.

The Chocolate Mousse is the Bomb!

The Chocolate Mousse is the Bomb!

We enjoyed the food at Aramede – Crowne Plaza Doha – The Business Park and would definitely go back there. Service was impeccable and the Manager and Assistant Manager were visible and helpful. Since it’s new in town, the place wasn’t filled when we arrived at about 7 PM but more people came past 8. Aramede caters to several food interests you might have and as for us, it didn’t disappoint in any way.

*Note - Sorry for the quality of the photos as I wasn't able to
bring "THE" camera and had to make do with Mavis' Galaxy Note.
Probably when we come back, we'd have better photos for you.

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