Villagio Cinemas Open Today!

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16 Aug 2012

Expectations about the reopening of Villaggio mall before Eid Al Fitr has increased after several announcements made about events to be held at the mall during the holidays, although there is no official announcement yet.

Since its closure due to the fatal fire accident on May 28, Cineco has released the film screening schedule for Villaggio cinema commencing today. The schedule is released every week from Thursday to Wednesday.

The cinema is scheduled to show ‘The Dark Night Rises,’ ‘The Expendables 2, Back for War,’ ‘Tita Rahiba,’ ‘Brave’ and ‘Step Up Revolution.’

Qatar Tourism Authority in its formal announcement for activities to celebrate Eid Al Fitr next week has mentioned Villaggio as a participating mall. This too has raised more expectations about the shopping mall’s reopening, as its management early this moth said that Villaggio has undergone renovations to meet security and safety requirements of the government and is now set to re-open before the Eid celebrations  and expressed the mall’s keenness to participate in the festival.

Among the eight entrances to the shopping facility with 220 outlets, gate No.1, 2 and the VIP zone are expected to re-open on the first phase, which would allow the cinema, Gondolania Theme Park, departmental store and several other outlets to re-open for business. Other areas will remain closed especially gate No. 3 and 4 which was affected by the fire.

“The area affected by the fire between gate 2 and gate 3 has been covered. Employees of outlets in the remaining areas are now engaged in different kinds of work,” said a manager of a leading outlet inside the Villaggio shopping mall.

“Many outlets have begun to receive new stocks, although we have not been officially informed about the mall’s re-opening,” he further said.

The fire broke out in the Villaggio Mall on May 28 and as the fire engulfed the Gympanzee nursery, the entrances to the nursery became blocked by smoke, trapping 13 children and four staff inside. Firefighters from the Civil Defence force were forced to make an opening in the roof of the mall to attempt a rescue. Along with the 17 trapped in the nursery, two firefighters were also killed.

The committee appointed to investigate the fire accident revealed that an electrical fault at the Nike store as the cause of the deadly fire. It also found that all parties concerned had lacked adherence in varying degrees to related laws, systems and safety measures.

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