Vodafone Qatar sucks!

by: xtian001

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30 Mar 2012

I don’t really want to say a product or a service is bad until it gives me enough reasons to do so. I’ve been one of Vodafone’s 1st 1000 customers since they launched and after all the disappointments, I think it’s time to give up on their service.

I’ve subscribed to their Freedom plans when they launched and the service should auto recharge every month from my credit card. For the past 2+ years, aside from poor reception in several areas, I’ve had problems with their recharge service. This has happened more than 5 times now. Usually, if they can’t deduct from my credit card for reasons unknown to me, I would have to call them and they’d get the service back up in a  day. Still, if you’re someone who relies on his phone a lot for important calls, you’d know how frustrating it is to not be able to make calls when you need to.  What more if you can’t make calls for 3 days? What if there was an emergency?

Last Wednesday, Vodafone deducted the amount from my credit card to recharge my plan. It did push through as I got notification on my mobile about the transaction. However, I was barred from making calls and decided to call Vodafone about the issue. They said that it was a service error on their part but can’t pinpoint nor fix it easily. What was funny and irritating was that the person on the phone actually advised me to buy a recharge card for me to be able to make calls. What? Are you kidding me? The reason I took a Freedom Plan was for me not to be hassled with looking for a recharge card when I need to make calls. Isn’t that the main reason why people get a recharge service? so “Duh”…

After several more calls from Wednesday to Friday, and not having a way to make calls with a phone, I conclude that even having a great phone becomes useless when you can’t have a decent service from your mobile provider. I did get a message from their Twitter Rep that the service might return after 24 hours, meaning Saturday afternoon. But as Senator Miriam Santiagosaid, WAH!   Imagine not having mobile service for 4 days? That is impossible to accept. Even friends who have commented on Facebook about my rant have commented how disappointed they are with Vodafone’s service and transferred to Qtel’s service. I can’t blame them.

So, goodbye Vodafone, hello Qtel.

Who wants a fancy number from Vodafone? Double 7 9 5 Triple 2 9 ? Call me.

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June 1st, 2012 at 1:54 pm

Im with you on that. Almost every time I go away on business the phone stops working due to credit recharging issues on the freedom plan. The result is that confirming by phone overseas meetings, locations, time coordination with clients, drivers & office and arranging anything cannot be done. I never had this issue with QTel. I’m leaving too.

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