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22 Feb 2012

We’ve heard about Pork cuts being sold at Qatar Distribution Company (QDC) a month ago but since our bacon and sausage buying splurge we never got the chance to visit. A colleague went there the week after news came out about the pork cuts but went home disappointed.   We decided to go visit QDC this afternoon as our bacon stock has run out and we’ve been planning on having pancakes, eggs and bacon on the weekend.

So, in addition to the Pork Sausages and Pork Bacon, it seems QDC has been slowly adding more Pork products. You now have Fresh Gammon Joints (200QR for 3 Kg), several Salami types (38-57QR), Honey Roasted Ham Shank (272QR), Parmaham (27QR), Mortadela (20QR), Italian Antipasti Selection (49QR), Prosciutto and more cold cuts. The Fresh Gammon Joints (fillet ends) look really good. Do take note that Gammon Joints are salted as they are usually roasted or boiled, you need to soak them in water before cooking.

We were able to ask some Filipinos who were buying the Gammon Joints if they were good and was told that they were quite tender. One Filipina was buying 3 Gammon Joints (3 kilos)at 200QR each as her daughter was going to celebrate her birthday. We didn’t buy the Gammon Joint as we deem it too expensive. If it was a different cut, we would probably have bought one.

Fresh Gammon Joints (200QR for 3 Kg)
Assorted Salami types (38-57QR)
Honey Roasted Ham Shank (272QR)
Parmaham (27QR), Mortadela (20QR)
Italian Antipasti Selection (49QR)

Fresh Gammon Joints

Fresh Gammon Joints and Salame (sic)

Honey Roasted Ham Shank, Parmaham, Mortadela, Prosciutto

Honey Roasted Ham Shank, Parmaham, Mortadela, Prosciutto

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