Closing bank accounts in HSBC Qatar

by: xtian001

In: Banking | Qatar

14 Oct 2011

I’ve been trying to close my Status Account with HSBC Qatar since May this year and I’m still not yet done. Why? It seems HSBC has an incompetent staff or they just don’t want to give me back my remaining money in my account.

When I first told the customer rep that I wanted to close my account, I knew that they have to get a credit card clearance which would take at least 30 days. That was ok with me and came back 45 days later hoping that I could close my account. However, I found out that they hadn’t closed and cleared my Internet card yet. Wasn’t this shown on their system when they first applied for my credit card clearance? I was given another 30 days so that Internet card would get cleared. I went on vacation and came back 2 ½ months later hoping that this would be my last trip to HSBC Qatar. It’s a pain trying to get parking there which is one of the reasons I’m trying to end my relationship with them. Anyway, upon giving my account number to the customer rep, with her checking on my account, I was told that I need to get a clearance letter from Commercial Bank of Qatar (CBQ) as I have a Diners card which debits payment from my HSBC account. This is entirely true though I’ve already arranged payment with QNB for this card months back. But even so, I have visited HSBC twice and at both times before I left HSBC, asked the customer reps if I needed anything else to close the account so I can do the legwork if needed, I was told none. Didn’t their system have a default checklist that shows them all related accounts, cards or documents needed to be cleared when closing an account? I did go to CBQ to get a letter from them and would take 4 working days before I can get a 25QR clearance letter. Then I am hoping that once I take the clearance letter to HSBC Qatar, I would be able to close my account and end my banking relationship with them forever!

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