Beware of North Greenland Int’l Express Cargo Qatar

by: xtian001

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14 Oct 2011

We usually send boxes of goodies and stuff we want to bring home to the Philippines at least 2 months before we go for vacation through sea cargo. Though it takes 30 to 45 days, it is cheaper than air cargo. We don’t send food or too valuable items so they’re not perishable in transit.

As our vacation was on July, we had prepared and sent a box through Coriner Cargo in May and was promised a delivery in the Philippines in 40-45 days. We’ve sent “Balikbayan” boxes with them before and they have been prompt in their delivery and this was no exception as the cargo arrived without any hassle on the specified time.

Our trouble stated when we decided that we had to send another box to the Philippines for all the outgrown clothes, shoes, pans and toys we want to dispose off by giving away to nieces/nephews and charity. This is where North Greenland Cargo or NorthGreenLand Int’l express Cargo comes in the picture. Since the owner of North Greenland Cargo was an acquaintance of Mavis, she decided to give them a try. We calculated that if we send our cargo 2 weeks before our vacation, we would still be there when in arrives after a maximum of 45 days. Again, this was the time given by NorthGreenLand Int’l express Cargo .

Enjoying our vacation in the Philippines, we were only reminded of the cargo a month after, that meant that the cargo was already in transit for more than 40 days. We decided to call North Greenland’s office  in Manila as per their receipt only to find out that they changed their numbers. We had to send a Facebook message to a friend in Qatar to get their number in Manila. Upon calling, we we’re told that the cargo has arrived at least a week before but some documents were missing and would be called again in 3 days for any update. 3 days came and then 3 more but no one called us regarding the cargo. My vacation of 45 days was almost over and the cargo is now more than 50 days with North Greenland. Calling their office again, we were told that there were 3 containers from North Greenland which were stuck in Philippine Customs because they haven’t paid for duties (either in Qatar or Philippines, we don’t know) and they can’t be released. What? So whatever I paid to get my cargo delivered in the Philippines was used for something else and that they didn’t have any available funds to pay duties?

To cut the story short, after several calls and 2 ½ months later, the boxes have been delivered. Moral of the story? Never send anything through North Greenland Cargo, otherwise, there’s a possibility that you won’t see your “balikbayan” boxes or if at all, expect loooong delays. BEWARE OF NOTH GREENLAND CARGO!


North Greenland Cargo Contact numbers:
+974 33668749    Mobile
+974 44326235    Mobile


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bhia hussain

January 6th, 2012 at 6:41 am

i also sent 1 box to this NGL intl express cargo through sea cargo last october 30,2011 but until now it didnot came yet.i called the Philippine number in the receipt but told me that they dont have sea cargo shipment from NGL only air cargo,now im wondering about my box…this cargo shipment cannot be trusted


Trinidad Rodriguez

August 12th, 2015 at 6:18 am

I also sent 1 box last September 2014 but until now nothing! they are liar! almost 1 year now…this cargo shipment not good!

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