Qatar Wins FIFA World Cup 2022 Bid!

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2 Dec 2010

The small nation in the middle east called Qatar has done it! Qatar has won the rights to host the FIFA World Cup in 2022 and would play host to millions of football fans around the world! After eliminating the other contenders, it was the U.S. and Qatar who were fighting for the right to host and eventually won the vote by 14-8.

I’ve just arrived from City Centre and had to go through 45 minutes of traffic to get to the roundabout that was less than a block from the exit. There were several Qataris in (and literally outside) their cars, honking, celebrating, dancing, shouting and spraying fake snow and foam. I’m really glad for Qatar as it is a first for a nation in the Middle East to achieve such prestigious right to host the FIFA World Cup. I’m sure its citizens are prouder than ever though the event is 11 years away. I would be. However, I’m not a football fan and I may not be able to relate much to those who are and what it really means for them. But that doesn’t make me less interested in what changes…improvement, Qatar would and should be undergoing to prove themselves worthy of such.

Qatar Logistics for World Cup 2022

Aside from the obvious need to build World Class stadiums and maintaining a 27 degree temperature, concern goes to the logistics of fans going to Qatar. Would Qatar, as former U.S. national team star Eric Wynalda has pointed out, be able to get an attendance twice its population of 1.7 million to consider its hosting chores a success? If that is the case, where would Qatar place the expected 3.4 million fans once 2012 arrives. Would there be enough hotels, hostels, apartments? How much would greedy landlords ask people for rent 5 years from now? If they were able to triple their asking price for apartments and villas when the Asian Games were held, how much more for the World Cup? With the influx of workers, would the Qatar Government implement stricter humanitarian laws and rules to how blue-collared employees are treated? Would the Sponsor System be abolished like other progressing middle east countries?

Would there be a proven and tested Mass Transit System to ferry fans to each stadium and around the city? Karwa buses are almost useless as they don’t even have proper bus stops across the city. They’d stop in the middle of the road as they don’t have proper loading/unloading areas. Would they expand streets again or actually place a Rail system? Would we have bottlenecks and traffic snarls everyday, starting from when they start digging the roads again, up to the very end of the World Cup itself?

On Alcohol, Clothing and some

I’d be brief on this as you know this is part of the “culture” of World Cup itself. Fans like to celebrate, they like to dress up (or dress “down”), and both may not sit well with Qatar’s religious policies. How many fans would get turned off going to a country knowing that they’d be facing jail time and more if they were caught drunk on the streets? How about dressing provocatively? Those who have been living in Qatar and who would be going to work here knows the dress code and would abide by them. However, going here to watch World Cup and partying in the heat of summer, I don’t think fans would be as conservative as the religion warrants. And If I am a fan knowing these, would I still want to watch the games? Would there be an exemption for Alcohol and dress code once the World Cup starts?

Be Ready Before 2022

I don’t think the goal of Qatar is to be ready for 2022 and hope that it will succeed in hosting the FIFA World Cup. Qatar should start now and should be ready at least 3 years ahead of the FIFA WORLD CUP 2022. The logistics (accommodation and transportation) of fans is important as well as those who are already in Qatar. Stop the greedy landlords before they start charging gold for rent. Make sure that the hotels and mostly the player’s lodgings are complete and to international standards. It has been 5 years since the Asian Games but I still see the Asian Games Hotel (or whatever it is supposed to be called) in Aspire being built! Goodness!

I do hope we see improvements and not just changes. Prove to the world that Qatar indeed deserve to win and that this win would eventually make Qatar as a better place for its citizens and communities. The structures would be built and may get dismantled after the FIFA World Cup but the experience and building Qatar as a nation always striving to be better, would matter most for its people.

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Name: Mark

December 3rd, 2010 at 3:24 am

I agree with commentators who say that the loss of the world cup to the US reflects our diminished standing in the world. I wonder, what percentage of Tea Partiers every touched a soccer ball?

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