I’m back from vacation and Ramadan in Doha

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1 Sep 2010

I must admit that it has been close to 3 weeks now since I returned from vacation. Mavis and Xiane, as always, are still in the Philippines and enjoying their time in Baguio. Vacation’s been great and loved our stay in Bangkok, and of course, our stay in the Philippines. We were lucky that there were no strong typhoons that came our way and our trips were not impeded by such. Although we’ve experienced rains in Bangkok as well as strong rainfall when we were swimming at Amana Waterpark, we were still able to enjoy those days.

It was the start of Ramadan when I came back and since I’m alone, I usually don’t cook much. For the past weeks, I’ve been living off Chicken from Family Food Center, Milk and Soda, Hamburgers, Chapatti and Creamed Beef on Toast. I’ve had better meals on the weekend when a friend of ours, Maggy, comes over. Last weekend, we were able to have steak and rice, and vegetables (Pinakbet) for Friday Lunch/Dinner. In the morning I usually have Milk and an apple. And since it’s Ramadan, no one is ther eto serve you tea in the morning and you can’t have you usual snacks in the office. Though I can close my office door if I want to, it doesn’t really bother me that much as work starts at 8:30 AM and ends at 1:30. 5 hours without food and water is a cinch. It’s actually a good change in pace since vacation tends to be a gastronomic experience altogether; it started with the several buffets we had in Bangkok, followed through by our eating endeavors in the Philippines. The only thing which really bothers people would be the heat!

I haven’t been out that much aside from my trips to the Supermarket, my cars’ service center, and insurance building. The heat can still reach to 46 to 48 degrees mid day. I can’t imagine how the workers outside are able to bear the heat as I’ve experienced going out without my car air conditioner turned on. I was sweltering in a couple of minutes,  drenched in 5 and light headed at 15 minutes. Of course, this was compounded by the lack of food that day but these workers are not even allowed to drink water since it is Ramadan. If people in Tokyo are already complaining of the Humidity there, how much more for people in the Middle East!

I’ve been able to do some laundry, cleaning, and arranging at the apartment. A stack of boxes are still in our bedroom since they are Mavis’ stuff. Hopefully, I’d be able to clean up more before they come home.  Till then, I’ll just laze around, play Call of Duty and watch Nat Geo shows whenever I can! Ramadan Mubarak!

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