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6 Jul 2010

Tuesday morning in Bangkok was spent at Siam Paragon. Siam Paragon is one of the big malls in Bangkok which carries brands like Gucci, Chanel and Hermes. Since we were up early, we decided to take the BTS (Bangkok Mass Transit System) from Victory Monument to Siam. Victory Monument was about 5 minutes away from Pullman King Power but with the Free TukTuk ride from Pullman, this becomes about 2 minutes. We left at about 9 AM and it wasn’t as crowded as expected. Siam Paragon is connected to Siam BTS Station on the 2nd floor so we just waited till Siam Paragon opened.

We really just had one thing in mind when we went to Siam Paragon, that is to go to Siam Ocean World Bangkok. Mavis and I didn’t go last year as we were not with Xiane. This time, I promised Xiane we would go see the aquarium in Bangkok. Prices for the entrance was 900 THB but they has a promotion where you pay 990 THB which includes the Backdoor Tour, Glass-Bottom Boat Ride, Sanyo -4D Theater, a 10 minute date with Doctor Fish, and popcorn and soda.

The Backdoor Tour was just a tour of what goes on behind the closed doors of the Aquarium. This included seeing the big pool where the sharks are, their pool clinic, where they propagate the sea anemones, where they hatch shark eggs, how they test the salinity of the water, and more. There wasn’t that much to see but since you were only paying an extra 90 THB extra, along with the other extras, it was just ok. The Glass-Bottom boat was fairly the same except you ride the boat while going round the same pool. It was still fun though. The aquarium itself was big. They have different areas which were interesting; the Spider Crabs looked like the King Crabs from Deadliest Catch, the seahorses, the pineapple fishes, the african penguins, the big water rats from South America, the envious Otters and more.

We did enjoy the 10 minute visit with the Egyptian “doctor” fishes. They were placed on a jacuzzi and you dip your feet for them to nibble on the dead skin you have. Xiane had a blast laughing as it was ticklish. We also saw the Sanyo 4D Theater which showed a 3D movie with some movement from the benches, airblowing and water sprays. It wasn’t that good as the 3D was very dark and the glasses were scratched. Still, Xiane enjoyed it much though short.

We have visited the Aquariums from Hongkong, Malaysia and Bangkok and Siam Ocean World is probably second to Ocean Park as Ocean Park has a more diverse variety of fishes. Although Siam Ocean World is also great for the bigger space and the way the fishes are presented. They also have a bigger and longer space to see the sharks. For 900 THB, I do think it is worth it to visit Siam Ocean World.

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