Siam Niramit, Bangkok, Thailand

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7 Jul 2010

Siam Niramit is a world-class performance of Thailand’s arts and cultural heritage. Set in the heart of Bangkok affording convenient access by MRT subway and major thoroughfares, this must-see spectacular is performed on the gigantic stage now listed in the Guinness World Records, featuring over 150 performers with as many as 500 costumes. On top of this, enhanced special effects with the world’s most advanced technology are used to produce a stimulating, very realistic and inspiring experience. This is a Journey to the Enchanted Kingdom of Thailand that no one can miss.

We never did go to Siam Niramit last year as we chose to have a Dinner Cruise at the Chao Praya river. This time, with my parents, we did book ourselves a night to watch Siam Niramit. I was quite hesitant to really watch as here have been conflicting reviews regarding the show itself. Some people say that it wasn’t good and not worth the money while some say it is really good. Last night was the night that I get to decide for myself.

We booked the tickets the day we came and got them for 1200 THB from Tourismo. They had a desk at Pullman’s lobby so it was quite easy to book. The 1200 THB included the transport to the Siam Niramit and back but didn’t include the buffet food. You just needed to add 200THB to get the buffet though.

Located at the Thailand Cultural Centre, the area was quite big and you’re given the chance to feed the Elephants (who were to be used later in the show) and ride on them for a fee. Of course, you have to usual photo op with the greeters in front , again with a fee. You also get to roam the “Thai Village” bringing to life the traditional lifestyles, arts and crafts of the four regions of the Kingdom. This was actually nice as you have some stations where you can try out some delicacies and learn more about their culture. Xiane was even able to play one of their traditional “guitars”. The show itself starts at 8 PM so there was an open show at the courtyard which you can watch while waiting. Sadly, cameras and video cams were not allowed inside the theater itself.

We got in before 8 PM and were seated at ROW R, Seats 27-32. These were really good seats as they were in the middle and close to the stage. The theater was huge so if you were on Rows A-O, you wouldn’t see the stage close enough to see details. Again, top /farther seats start with Rows A downwards. The show itself was amazing. Technically, it was really good. You’ll be amazed at how intricate the sets were, how they move them around at such a short time and how many times the whole stage changes. Lighting was very good and were used quite well too emphasize mood and highlights in the play. By the middle of the show, I keep asking myself why anybody would say that the show wasn’t good. I was looking at the people watching and everybody was enjoying it. Nobody was standing up to leave as other reviews would say. The first part was great and though some of the acts were repetitious, there wa s always something added to each to make it different.

The 2nd act was more of a comedic relief to break the seriousness of the whole thing. A guy with a guitar case goes center stage and one by one, calls some actors bringing one of their traditional musical instrument in. Someone from the audience is asked to take part and goes up the stage to join them.

The 3rd act opens with the scene from Hell which gets really scary but eventually gets to the Heaven scene in which actors start flying everywhere. Oh, did I mention that the stage gets to have a flowing river? Amazing.

By the end of the show, people were standing up, calpping for the actors and the whole show. I would recommend you to watch Siam Niramit if you’re in Bangkok. I enjoyed this better than the Dinner Cruise last year. Again, sorry for not having photos of the show itself as they were not allowed inside the theater.

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