Of Shifting Apartments and Internet Connection

by: xtian001

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26 Jun 2010

I know that it’s been weeks since my last update. Thing is, we shifted to another apartment 3 weeks ago and though I applied for a new Mosaic (Internet) connection from Qtel before the start of June, it seems that there are some technical issues that needs to be resolved before our building gets any phone and internet connection. We’ve been living off Vodafone’s 3G connection since then and it hasn’t been the fastest nor the cheapest. I’ve been told by colleagues that they were in the same predicament with Qtel before and it took them at least 3 months before they got their connection!

Anyway, we moved from Al Saad to nearby Bin Mahmoud. Mavis and I agreed that if Al Asmakh (the building Realtor of our previous flat in Al Saad) gives us a discount in rent, we would stay and not move out. Al Asmakh declined any discounts so we moved. It’s actually incomprehensible how they try to manage the building as a lot of new buildings around the area have sprouted with cheaper rates. 2 bedroom flats can now be rented for 5500QR in Al Saad with others offering a full furnished apartment for 7000QR. They were asking us to pay 7000QR rent for a 2 bedroom apartment when others are offering less. I’m sure that it’s going tobe even harder for them to find new tenants with prices going down and them insisting on their rates. Moving on, we are paying 6500Qr for our new 3 bedroom apartment. It has 2 full bathrooms (with tub) and a big Master bedroom. 2 bedroom apartments were available for 5500QR but we decided to get a 3 bedroom apartment as we needed space plus with the rent going down to 6500QR, it is still cheaper than paying for a 7000QR 2 bedroom apartment.

We have unpacked and arranged some stuff but a lot are still on boxes as we are still deciding where Xiane would have her room and we might buy her a bedroom set when we come back from vacation. But the move has been far easier than the previous move, thanks to the available elevators on both buildings plus we’re grateful for Maggy and Ricky’s help when we moved. We are all hoping that we stay for at least 2 years here in this apartment.

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Lola Elias

June 25th, 2013 at 8:50 pm

Hi Xtian,

I have been stuck on the pages of your blog all day.wow! Really interesting read fore specially as I am planning to move to Qatar later this year.

I love the way you have captured all your experiences in Qatar as well as round the world ie your vacations.

I really would like to be in touch with you concerning my move and would love your advices as this would be my first time leaving my homeland.

Pls let me know if you would be inclined to hearing from me.
My love to Mavis and Xtianelle

Kind regards,


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