What is the Best Laptop?

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27 Apr 2010

I’ve just finished attending a 3 -day course in “Coaching for Excellence” and I could say it was good. However, one of the things the struck me most is how people perceive people associated in Information Technology. I’ve always had the same experience but this just proves it even more. The moment I get introduced as someone from I.T., people would generally talk to you and ask you on what is the best laptop or PC to buy!  Do all people in I.T. have an answer to this? Sadly, no. I mean, I had a colleague before who was in I.T., an everyday PC user who has been working in I.T. for more than 15 years but had no idea on the parts of a PC, how to build a PC or what the latest processors are. This goes for a lot of people in I.T., they can be developers, and everyday users, but don’t expect them to know what is the best laptop to buy nor have them recommend a laptop for you.

Still, for people reading this, not all people in I.T. would know about technical stuff. People in I.T. can be planners, developers, designers, and what have you. You may know about a specific software but not know the hardware that runs it. Much like doctors, each can have his own field but wouldn’t know much about a certain field.

Luckily for people who come up to me, I’m someone from I.T. who likes to keep up with these things and can give a good recommendation if needed.

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October 21st, 2011 at 10:09 am

I know I’m a bit late with all this, but I’ve just moved to Qatar and I’m trying to build my own computer. I know a few places to look, Sofitel & Family Computers, and been recommended to just browse the industrial area, but I was wondering if you had any tips. Price range would be around the 6000 riyals mark, looking for a 1920 display, quad core i7, 8 gb ram, good video card, all the good stuff really. So yeah, where would I look for parts here? And I understand pretty much everything I need to, except dealing with MBs, people say you have to build you parts around it but I have no idea where I’d start with that. So a shop with helpful employees who know what they’re doing would be nice. Thanks 😀



October 23rd, 2011 at 6:06 pm

Sorry, I can’t point you to any particular shop as I’ve had my system (Desktop) built 5 years ago and only upgraded my RAM since then. But basically, as you are looking for a blazingly fast system, a lot of RAM memory is needed. You have to consider the Windows system when thinking of RAM. A 32 -bit system (XP, Vista, Win7) can only read up to 4GB of memory no matter how much physical memory you place. So even if you place 8GB of memory, you’ll only be able to utilize 4GB for your RAM memory. And since video cards also use RAM, you also have to take that into consideration. If your Video card has it’s own 1Gb memory, you have to add that to the 4Gb limitation. Thus, you get 3Gb RAM and 1 Gb for Video for a total of 4Gb RAM in your system.

A 64-bit system can handle a high amount of RAM. However, you may want to look at specific components that have 64-bit drivers to make it easier for you to move to 64-bit.

As for motherboards, make sure it’s compatible with the processor and has the latest drivers. You may also want to look for features like USB3, External Sata connectors, etc…So yes, once you’ve set what processor you want, pick a motherboard that would work well with that processor and the features you may want with the MB. I got my system in Sofitel and they have a good range of boards available there.


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