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9 Apr 2010


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7 months ago, I bought myself some seeds, soil and pots. As we live in a flat/apartment, we really don’t have a garden to speak of so my choice was to get plants that could grow in pots and inside the house. I got some Petunias, Geraniums, and some Marjoram.

After seeing what I’ve done, Xianelle also wanted to plants some seeds for herself. However, she wanted to plant Grape seeds. We were skeptical about planting grape seeds but we were surprised when the leaves sprouted after 2 weeks of planting them. Each month passed and with some diligence in watering them, they started growing bigger and bigger. This in turn forced me to buy more pots and bigger ones to accommodate them. I have always considered myself having a green thumb as I helped my mom with our garden when I was still in Highschool. I was able to multiply the number of roses we had in the garden through grafting and was pretty good at it.

As I was watering them this morning, I saw something that surprised me in one of the plant boxes. After 7 months, I got my first flowers from the Petunias! Wow! I called Xiane and told her to come to the living room to show her a surprise. Upon seeing them, she said “Wonderful!”.

Hopefully, my Geraniums would start blooming too and get my Thai Chili to give me some red hot chilies. Xianelle was asking about the grapes but I don’t think they’ll grow big enough to bear fruits. I haven’t researched on them yet but I heard they only grow after years of planting. Plus the fact that they’re on pots might make it close to impossible for that to happen. But let’s see. At least now, I’m enjoying the “flowers” of my labor!

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