Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping!

This is what we got from Aramex the other day! Whew! We were really hoping that the stuff we bought from Amazon would arrive here in Qatar in time for Christmas. Aside from the Pokemon Plushies that I was able to buy from a seller in the U.S., we also bought her a Pokemon book, plus other toys that I'm sure would delight her. The Pokemon book would actually be "Santa's" gift for her this Christmas after convincing her that Playdough is hard to come by in the North Pole and a book would be better. The other stuff on those packages would be given as gifts to friends and some would be stored for Xiane's cousins in the Philippines. The other big box was all Mavis'. She bought some shoes (again!) and a bag. In my case, I got myself some McFarlane Halo 3 Figures and a Star Wars Lego set.

Anyway, we only get to gift ourselves like this once a year and part of Christmas is sharing your blessings with others. I hope that the kids would enjoy the gifts and enjoy Christmas.

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