Snake Island, Palawan

You do forget the time when you’re having fun so I don’t exactly know if it took us 5 or 15 minutes before we got to Snake Island from Pandan Island. The island is called Snake Island not because of the island having snakes but because of the shape of the long sand bar when the tide is low. As posted on the Honda Bay Island Fees, You don’t have to pay anything when you go to Snake Island. There are about 8-10 huts with a table and benches which you can use on a “first come, first stay” basis. You also have a small store where you can buy warm soda and other stuff. Prices on island stores are usually bloated so unless you didn’t come prepared, you have to shell out on these.

As with Pandan Island, fishes are also used to being fed bread here and so we did. However, one has to be careful about this island as there is a very, very steep drop off just after 4 1/2 feet from the shore. You should wear a life vest if you don’t know how to swim. If you do know how to swim and brave enough to go to the deep end (where you don’t see the bottom no matter how clear the water is), you might end up seeing a big school of Jacks; which we saw. What we saw were probably more than a thousand Jacks forming a moving wall and creates a scene that you only get to see on National Geo. You can actually swim with them and follow them around. I wasn’t bringing any bread with me so I didn’t get to feed them and thinking of it now, I probably wouldn’t dare to have that number of fishes trying to nip at the bread on the tip of my fingers. Still, just swimming with them is unforgettable!

Snorkeling on deep waters was also scary as every time I see the blackness of the deep and not knowing the direction I’m swimming (away or towards the shore), add to that the fear of not knowing everything under the ocean, I start to panic. Either I suddenly imagine a shark, a whale or an unknown sea creature coming out of the blackness to feed on me or get scared of the undersea currents that might take me to the depths of the ocean.

Anyway, going back to Snake Island itself, we didn’t get to explore the long island as we were really there for the fishes. There were some good coral formations on the shallower area but again, the drop off was scary. There were a lot of white fishes on the areas near the shore which were really aggressive to protect their turf. My sister Tin was actually nipped by one and Mavis too! I would advise you to stay away from those fishes!
We left after an hour and a half to visit Starfish Island.  

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