Pandan Island, Palawan

Our first stop in our Island hopping adventure in Honda Bay Palawan was Pandan Island. It probably took 20 minutes or more from the Wharf to Pandan Island itself but it didn’t matter as with the sun shining brightly and the skies clear, we were all giddy to set foot at Pandan Island. Although it was sunny, it wasn’t that hot and the wind was cool. The island is called Pandan Island because of the Pandan grass that grows in the island. The place was almost surreal as the clouds were all puffy and water so clear and peaceful. The place was idyllic.

After settling down, getting a tent (Php150) and getting our things off the boat, the kids went to the beach to gather some shells and dip in the cool waters. We joined after taking some photos and videos. After a while, the boatman asked if we had bread with us and showed us where the fishes usually come to feed. We were ready with 2 loaves of bread as we knew that fishes in Honda Bay are used to being fed bread. It was both scary yet exciting as groups of fishes would come to you and nip at the bread on your hands. You’d be amazed at how many different fishes would come even on parts where the water was just on my waist. You usually see the black fishes and the silver ones but at times you’d get blue fishes and red fishes dart to the bread. Xiane, who was snorkeling while feeding the fishes, couldn’t help but surface every time a fish took a bite off her bread to announce what color they were.

By 11 a.m., we were called to rest by my mom as the food was already ready. A lady on the island actually offered us some freshly caught fishes when we landed but told her that we were already bringing some sea food. However, you can also ask her to cook the food that you bought in the market if it needed frying or steaming. You can buy cooked rice from her. I’m not sure of the fees as it was my Mom and Dad who paid her. The boatmen grilled the food for us. The food was excellent! We brought our dips and sauces and brought with us rice we ordered from Kawayanan Resort.  We had a feast! It was our first time to eat lobster and we’re not that impressed. The lobsters were probably over steamed so they were dry. Still, our tummies were full once we finished.

After some rest, we went snorkeling some more and went to the deeper part of the sea. The water was calm so it was perfect for snorkeling. Also, the sea floor gradually deepens. We saw a lot more fishes, live corals, starfishes, sunstars, sea urchins and giant clams.

By 1 P.M., we decided to leave for Snake Island. We actually went to Pandan Island again on our 2nd trip to Honda Bay. I’ll have more stories of Pandan Island in the coming days as there’s just so much to tell. I'll probably even post some wallpapers for you to download if you want to.

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