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10 Jan 2008

My window shopping partner and good friend is back in town.  Life was just a bit home-school, school-home routine while she was away on a holiday.  I never tried going to Villagio on my own when she left for vacation.  As I’ve said before, more than just the window shopping, I go to the mall with her so that we could spend more time together.  And now that she’s back, today was one of those times.

As usual, we were at Carre Four as soon as they opened.  I wasn’t really planning on buying anything but then I remembered I needed new mats for the bathroom and the kitchen and a new shower curtain.  Our Disney Princess shower curtain that we bought because of Xiane is about to retire as the end that holds the rings starts to rip one-by-one.  It is made of plastic, so I had to make sure that the new curtain is made of fabric.  Aside from it being tear-free, it is also washable.  I swear I would wash it as often as I should so as not to accumulate mild dew.
After Carre Four, we had our usual breakfast at McDonald’s.  I got a Happy Meal so that Xiane would have another Furby toy.  She’s been talking about it since she saw it on a billboard last week.  We had a nice chat at breakfast then it was time to window shop.

A lot of stores are on sale right now. I was able to buy a few items for Xianelle at H&M.  Who could resist buying 3 pairs of gloves for only 9 Riyals? A pack of 7 Hello Kitty under wears for only 19 Riyals, a 7-Riyal muffler?  I just had to get them while it’s still cold.  I patiently looked at the items on sale but there was nothing that I really found interesting so I didn’t buy anything for myself.  Then another friend of ours, also a parent from school met with us.  They say, time flies when you’re having fun and flew it did, thus we were only able to visit a few stores. 

We had to cut our window shopping short to fetch our children from school.  Nevertheless it was still a fine morning spent with friends.


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