The Eid Holiday Rush

Yesterday was the last day of both work and school before the long Eid holiday.  Surprisingly, there wasn’t very moderate traffic going to school in the morning and coming from school at noon.  I was thinking maybe a lot of people have already skipped school and work to go on holiday a day earlier than the rest.  Maybe some families had planned to leave for the Eid.  Then I heard from a co-parent that most of the people are in the mall, especially at the supermarkets doing their Eid holiday shopping- a thought that makes sense since all establishments would be closing for minimum of 3 days for the Eid.

True enough, this mere thought became a fact when we went to Lulu right after school.  Imagine the parking lot full of vehicles on a broad daylight.  We are frequent shoppers at Lulu and the store doesn’t really pick up until after 4pm on ordinary days.  Well but this was no ordinary day.  Everybody was just there shopping.  Well, I don’t mind having a lot of other shoppers around as long as there are lots of supplies to shop for.  But Lulu has anticipated this sudden influx of shoppers that’s why there was enough for everybody.

Today is the first day of Eid and we just spent the whole day in the house.  We still woke up early though, as a matter of habit.  Tian prepared pancakes, eggs, hotdogs and ham for breakfast which was also our lunch.  Then we spent the noon watching our new favorite TV series from the US, House M.D.; we’re just on the first season while it is already on its 4th Season.  We have all other TV series downloads lined-up for viewing- Smallville, CSI, CSI Miami, CSI New York, Survivor, Kid Nation, Heroes and Pushing Daisies (also a new and promising one); not to mention all the DVDs and other movie downloads that are stored up in our XBOX.  But tonight we plan to take Xiane to Corniche so she can bike.  We would like to take advantage of the nice weather: not warm yet not humid.

Well, a happy and restful Eid Holiday to everyone!

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