Putting Things in Perspective

I’ve been back here in Doha exactly 23 days now. I spent the first 14 days unpacking our baggages. As always, I was bringing loads of items, mostly Xiane’s new outfits which we went shopping for in the Philippines. For most Filipinos coming from vacation, this is a common practice. First, it is cheaper to shop for clothes in the Philippines. Secondly, there are more items to choose from the department stores there. Whereas here in Qatar, if you’re working on a budget, you need a super sale to be able to afford the clothes from Mother Care, Next, Debenhams, etc. Even then, it still not as practical as shopping from home, especially that children grow up so fast.

Included in my stash are several items for the house like a pair of light curtains, bathroom items like bathroom organizers and Xiane’s vitamins. This year, the bulk of the baggage also consisted of Xiane’s toys, mostly gifts which she got for her 4th birthday, and her books; story books, activity and exercise books, etc.

It took sometime to unpack all these things because as I do them, I had to arrange them as well. I didn’t want to just pile them up in one place and start another mess. I had to make sure that everything was in order. Along with this, I also did some cleaning. Well Tian had his share of tidying up just before we came but I had to give it a woman’s touch. Don’t mean to sound sexist but I guess women, especially wives and mothers are more meticulous when it comes to these things.

After all the cleaning was done, it was time to look for a wardrobe and a toy cabinet for Xiane. Well, it took some convincing before my husband agreed to buy these items. So off we went to Souq Haraj. There we found this brand new 2-door wardrobe perfect for Xiane’s clothes, and this bookshelf, complete with sliding glass covers which is just right for her toys. This bookshelf cum display cabinet is also brand new. There are lots of nice brand new items at the Souq Haraj. You just have to know how to haggle and make sure that you check out at least 3 stores before you finally buy the items. Next step would be finding a truck to transport the furniture. You will find a number of guys who offer these services you just have to look for the best deal. First they will ask how many pieces of furniture are to be delivered, then the location and what floor you’re staying at. The cost of the services would mostly depend on which floor you’re on and if your building has got a lift. Well us being on the 3rd floor with no lifts cost us QR120, it was still better than QR150, the offer that we got from the other guys.


I was so excited to arrange the items on the cabinets and when it was finished, Xiane’s toys on the new cabinet were such a pretty sight. I sent photos of it to my mom, my mother-in-law and my friend in Saudi. I was just so happy when I through with the unpacking, cleaning and putting things into their proper place. It was like putting things in perspective. Now all I have to do is make sure that everything stays that way.




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Putting Things in Perspective:

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