Cost of Nintendo Wii in Qatar

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6 Feb 2007

We went to Souq Al Hamad last night and found out that all the Game shops have US versions of Nintendo Wii and even the Xbox 360. I was actually surprised that there were a lot of Wiis available in Qatar while people in the US are struggling to get their own Wiis. I didn’t really bother asking about the Xbox 360 as I wasn’t as interested with it as with the Wii.

The cost of the Nintendo Wii varies. Two out of 3 shops were selling a “bundle” with the Wii, a power converter (US versions uses 100V), and a free game. One shop quoted Qr2500 for this bundle while the other shop told me that theirs was QR2400. Another shop who had the Wii was selling the box for QR2000 (without the converter and free game). The normal package would have a Wii system, a Wii Remote (wiimote), an add-on to the Wiimote called a nunchuck, and a set of games called Wii Sports (Baseball, Tennis, Boxing, Bowling). Games were being sold for about QR290 with an added Wiimote costing QR200.

Of course, the QR2500 bundle is too much. It like the cost of the US Toys R Us (TRU) bundle less the 4 extra games that TRU offers.

This actually got me thinking of selling my Wii with the extra controller for QR1900. Any takers?

Anyway, I got confirmation last night that my Wii is already shipped so I might get it early next week. I also got confirmation that my extra Wiimote would be arriving in my US address this week so hopefully, I’ll get them both at the same time.

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