Series Season 2006

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8 Oct 2006

It’s TV series season again. After the long haitus of our favorite series due to summer in the US, fall starts with a bang for most of the recurring shows. We’re quite updated here in Doha… well, it depends on how updated you are with technology. We currently have a long list of series and shows, some new and some we’ve been following for quite sometime. We’ve also dropped one off our list after watching some boring episodes midway through the season. I’m talking about Desperate Housewives. It became dissapointing for us and even for other reviewers so we didn’t even watch the second season anymore. Some new fall series are quite promising. Heroes. Very slow-paced series about humans developing superpowers. Yeah, it sounds typical but if you get to watch the premiere episode, you’ll get hooked instantly. We were also able to watch the premiere of Vanished in which the wife of  a Senator gets kidnapped. Old favorites include Smallville (this is what you call a great season beginning vis-a-vis Prison Break), CSI, CSI Miami, Amazing Race and Lost.

CSI Miami is a revelation last season and this season. With CSI (Las Vegas), you get more of the detective work and forensics. With CSI Miami, you get "H"… Horacio Kaine and his story. Before it was Grisom who had more character for us but "H" has grown to have more depth in character and story. Lost season 3, well, we’ll watch the 1st episode later and see if the story gets more convulted or if questions get to be answered. We’re still following Prison Break (2nd Season) but not really as excited for each new episode that comes out (I think they’re already on the 7th for this season) as much as Smallville (2nd episode), CSI Miami, and Girls Next Door. About Girls Next Door, this Playboy series is really entertaining. It gives you an idea of Hef’s (Hugh Hefner) lovely girlfriends (3 at the moment from 8 at most about 2 years ago) and what they do in the Playboy Mansion. Mavis, who had Bridget as her favorite before, now joins me in having Holly as a favorite. We’ve haven’t started with Amazing Race yet as it’s one of those series which we want to watch when most of the episodes are already available (they’re just on the 3rd episode). I’m also following the latest season of ER which I’ve been following (again) since last year and I’m trying to watch the 13th Season of Survivor. That leaves 24 (Season 6)  and America Idol for November/December.


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Jay Hunt

May 7th, 2010 at 6:49 am

I am an addict of Smallville and i watch every series and season of it. I love Lana Lang and Clark Kent.~*:

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